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At KTL, we are all about building and maintaining a great team.
We know that it is the people at KTL who make the company consistently successful, and we do what we can to recognise and reward that.

Check out this short video which highlights just some of the great benefits KTL employees receive.

They include:
- Employee Assistance Program – Free counselling service available 24/7, 365 days per year.
- Educational Assistance – We provide opportunities for training, education and support promotion.
- Life Assurance Benefit – Provided from day one of your employment.
- Leave – 25 days annual leave.
- Maternity, Paternity and Parents Leave – Top ups available for new parents.
- Competitive Insurance Packages – Personal, car, home and life insurance.
- Bike to Work Scheme – A brand new bike and safety equipment worth up to €1,250.
- Healthcare – 10% Laya Healthcare insurance.
- Personal Retirement Savings Account Scheme.
- Free Parking at Head Office.
- Critical Illness Cover – Lump sum benefit if you become seriously ill.
- Working from home for certain roles.
- Online Gym.


Week two of cyber security month we are emphasising the importance of thinking before you click on links in emails and texts.

Cybercriminals cast wide nets with #phishing tactics, hoping to drag in victims. They may offer a financial reward, threaten you if you don’t engage, or claim that someone is in need of help.
Stop, take a moment, and think before you click. #BeCyberSmart


October is cyber security awareness month.

Keeping our interconnected world secure requires all of us to be proactive and diligent. Learn how you can #BeCyberSmart this #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonthby following these links:


KTL have invested in a Digital Frontline Leadership Course for staff.

The objective of this course was to provide formal PICW (Person in Charge of Work) training to support staff in making safe and effective decisions on site.
This course was developed by an industry leading specialist Gateway HSW Consultants and is accredited by a third party.

Duncan MacKintosh, SHEQ Director, KTL Group said, “The aim of the frontline leadership course, is to add formal training to the experience and skills of those in a PICW role. The feedback received supports this aim with 100% of those who completed the course saying it will help them in their future work”.


By 2026, 5G networks will carry more than half of the world’s smartphone traffic.
Operators are facing growing demand for connectivity, and this has intensified 5G rollouts and particularly the need for streetworks and streetworks furniture in urban and suburban areas.

Urban and suburban areas pose many challenges when designing and building streetworks solutions including aesthetics, access, underground services, public interfaces, council interaction and approval, and road closures.

KTL have designed and successfully installed 450 streetworks sites in the last 24 months, and we have over 500 in different stages of planning to complete in the next 18 months.

KTL’s proven track record, hard work and reliability to deliver on these volumes across all phases of the programme lifecycle including design, planning and project management is all underpinned by putting safety first.

If you have any queries about streetworks – contact us today,


Today is World Heart Day.

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the world’s number one killer. It results in 18.6 million deaths a year. The most common causes of CVD are smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. There are currently 520 million people in the world who suffer from CVD. This past 18 months have been particularly tough for them as they have been more at risk of Covid, meaning many have been left isolated from family and friends due to needing to take extra precautions.

This year the World Heart Foundation are asking everyone #useheart to connect and harness the power of digital by sharing inspirational stories, healthy heart tips or by simply creating a social post or following the World Heart Foundation on social media.


Is your vehicle ready for winter?

KTL are promoting safe driving during the winter period.

Bad weather such as torrential rain, severe winds, fog, freezing fog, ice and snow can strike suddenly catching road users off guard. If using the roads in such conditions is unavoidable you should always be well prepared for your journey. Making sure your vehicle is ready for extreme weather conditions is the first step to being winter ready.

According to HSA Safe Driving Advice to prepare your car for winter you should:
• Service your vehicle so that it is safe for winter driving.
• Top up with anti-freeze and screen wash.
• Check for wear and tear on wiper blades and replace them as soon as they start to smear rather than clean windows.
• Keep tyre pressure at the manufacturer's recommended level and check you have at least 3 millimetres of tread depth.
• Make sure all vehicle lights are working and clean.

Plant Manager with KTL, Donal Gray added some excellent advice for staying safe on the roads this winter:
• Keep your fuel level topped up at all times.
• Complete your daily vehicle checks.
• Report any vehicle defects immediately.
• Be aware of adverse and unfamiliar road conditions i.e. Black Ice

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded with the Platinum Standard, requalifying for the seventh consecutive year in Ireland’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte.

Ireland’s best managed companies awards programme promotes and recognises excellence in Irish-owned and -managed companies.

It is the only awards scheme in Ireland that considers a business’s performance from every perspective.
Well done to all the KTL team.

Featured: Danny Byrne, FCA, Chief Financial Officer, KTL.


July’s site photo competition winner was submitted by Bogdan Bularca KTL Field Engineer. 

The photo was taken in Croaghmoyle, Co.Mayo where a transmission link upgrade was carried out by the KTL crew for a Telecoms Operator.

Darryl Ginn entered the telecommunications sector upon leaving the army and has developed a wealth of experience ever since. As a Senior Network Engineer, Darryl has deep experience of rolling out 3G networks for leading mobile communications companies.

Now a Build Manager for KTL UK, Darryl is responsible for upgrading network infrastructure while having as little downtime as possible to the network, and as little disturbance to site providers and the general public.

“I feel very privileged to be a part of KTL, especially during this current pandemic. I feel very fortunate to be using my skills to support ongoing telecommunications projects.”

With four children and two grandchildren, Darryl’s time outside of work revolves around his family. He is an avid sports fan with a particular love for Portsmouth F.C and enjoys listening to audiobooks and making home brew beer.


Andrew Kozlowski is a SHEQ Advisor for KTL. He recently undertook the influencing skills course, which was designed to help support effective communication and provide education on how to tackle difficult and challenging situations.

Andrew gave us his feedback on the course:
“The course was beneficial and well presented. The key take away for me is - I’ve learnt how to project my voice whilst talking to colleagues on video calls, which takes up a lot of my week working from home.
I feel my in-person communication skills have also improved as a result of this course. Thank you to KTL for the opportunity to do this course from home.”

To our dedicated warehouse staff who continue to work tirelessly to keep our communities connected for a better tomorrow – thank you. 
KTL are shining a light on the Unsung Heroes of the pandemic in this short video. 

“…We would like to think that our role in the warehouse in KTL contributed to helping keep Ireland connected during the pandemic”, Dermot Healy, Warehouse and Logistics Manager.

Pawel Ambroziak is a Design Solution Engineer for KTL.
He is responsible for controlling the entire process of site design.
Pawel has come a long way since joining KTL in 2006 and has worked in many positions. “I started in KTL as a third man in the rigging team, then became a rigging team leader, RBS and Tx Commissioner and Project Tech Lead. I then joined the design team as Site Surveyor up to my current position.”

Check out Pawel’s employee story here:

As well as life assurance and critical illness cover KTL have a number of free to access value added benefits with Aston Lark Insurance.

Additional benefits include access to professionals in the following areas:
- Health
- Mental Health
- Wellbeing and Healthy Living
- Financial Wellbeing
- Legal and more.

To read more about KTL’s additional value-added benefits follow this link:


Andrew Kozlowski who recently joined KTL as a SHEQ advisor, is our latest employee story. Andrew is currently working across two projects which are based in the UK. He performs an advisory role within the project team on all matters relating to health and safety including carrying out both visual and remote site audits.

Despite being new to the role Andrews performance has not gone unnoticed by his project director Paul Korzeniewski.
“Andrew is a new addition to the team and despite this, he has taken the bull by the horns and integrated into a large, fast paced project with ease. No task is too big, he continually clears down his workload with ease and minimal input from the project team. He has been a great addition to the team and will be an asset to KTL as he continues to grow within the company”.

Check out Andrews employee story here:


Stephen Coen is a Senior Health & Safety Advisor for KTL and is our latest employee story.

“I really enjoy engaging with people and influencing change in communication and safety awareness at KTL”.

Check out Stephen’s story here:

KTL team to the rescue!!

On Thursday 15th of July , around 10.00pm in Derby, Anthony Burke, KTL Supervisor, was on site with the Rotarod crew in Derby, who were flushing out sections of the ducting on the Derby Rail scheme. At around 10:20pm they heard a loud bang. They found that 30 meters from where they were working a car had swerved off the road, hitting a property wall and had pinned a lady underneath the car.

The team went straight to the scene to assist and waited for emergency services to arrive. The lady was obviously distressed, so they stayed with her until assistance came.

The crew followed this up by visiting the family in person, bringing with them some flowers and a get-well card.

Well done Anthony and team. All at KTL wish Sumaira a speedy and full recovery.


June's site photo competition winner was submitted by Irinel Sacuiu who is a Transmission Engineer at KTL.

The photo was taken in County Donegal on the access road up to a site just outside Mount Charles, the crew were doing a TX upgrade on site. Congratulations to Irinel.

Recently, a number of the KTL SHEQ team undertook an influencing skills training course.
Its intent was to provide people with the skills to engage and communicate in an effective manner and arm them with the skills to be able to tackle difficult and challenging situations.

Anthony Heys Tech IOSH, SHEQ Advisor UK gave us his feedback from the course.

“The training course had a knowledgeable and passionate instructor who imparted their wisdom on how to influence, negotiate and persuade. This course was a good opportunity to discuss a topic with likeminded people; some familiar, some not so familiar. It was successfully delivered remotely and the content didn’t suffer. My key learning is understanding how to successfully persuade or influence a decision.“

KTL are delighted to announce that we have passed the recent ISO recertification with flying colours.
We caught up with KTL SHEQ Director, Duncan Mackintosh CMIOSH to discuss the ISO accreditation.

“KTL have completed the annual ISO audit for ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. I am / KTL are pleased to share that we have maintained our triple badge ISO accreditation with nothing but positive comments from the auditors on KTL adoption of the ISO principles of continuous improvement.”

“This annual audit reported zero observations in relations to opportunities for improvement and zero non-conformance for failing to meet the requirement of the standard. Well done to all the team involved. The process was excellent, all remote due to on-going COVID restrictions.”


KTL life assurance employee benefit  

KTL has a Group Life Assurance scheme for all employees with Aston LarkInsurance. The scheme provides a benefit of 2X your annual salary and is in place while you are an employee from the age of 16 until you reach the age of 65.  

In 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared 15 July as World Youth Skills Day, to celebrate the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.

We spoke to Dylan Healy a KTL Apprentice Telecommunications Engineer. This is what he had to say about his role. “I have learned a lot of new skills while on my apprenticeship at KTL including personal and professional skills some of which include communication skills, time management, logistics and stock management. I am learning new skills every day, which I thoroughly enjoy. I hope to develop my career with KTL and look forward to becoming a skilled member of the KTL team”. 


KTL critical illness cover employee benefit.

KTL has a Group Critical Illness scheme for all employees with Aston LarkInsurance. The scheme provides a benefit of 75% of your salary, payable in the event that you are diagnosed with one of a list of specified critical illness conditions such as cancer, stroke or heart attack.
Employees must have 1 year of service and you qualify for this benefit from the age of 16, until you reach age 65. Dependent children aged between six months and 18 years are also automatically covered for a list of specific critical illness conditions, at 25% of your benefit, to a maximum of £20,000 each.

Ciaran McDermott is a KTL Senior Project Manager in Ireland.

“I enjoy the challenge of delivering for the customer and the good relationships built with the project teams”.

Check out Ciaran’s employee story here:

KTL are delighted to announce that from the 1st of July our employees can now benefit from the UK Cycle to Work Scheme.

We have teamed up with Cycle Solutions - the Cycle to Work Scheme to encourage KTL employees to cycle to work, which can lead to the following benefits:
- Reduce your carbon footprint by up to 600kg per year
- Cycle together with friends and colleagues as part of a healthy routine
- Get fit and active

For more on KTL benefits visit:


KTL are hiring an Environmental Lead 

The Environmental Lead will be responsible for ensuring organisational compliance with environmental obligations and will assist project planning to ensure no harm is caused to the environment. Qualifications in Environmental and ISO Management are required.

For more information on the requirements and responsibilities for the role visit:

Please email your CV to  

KTL are hiring a Senior Quantity Surveyor.

The Sr Quantity Surveyor will work within the Project Team completing build tenders and management of project costs. This is a remote position with meetings on site/Naas required occasionally. You will be reporting to the project director of the Ireland power division.

Today marks the anniversary of the stonewall riots and where millions from around the world traditionally celebrate Pride Day 2021. 

Whether your celebrations are taking place virtually or on the streets in the form of a colourful carnival, we wish everyone a happy and enjoyable Pride Day 2021. 


Adnan Hanif is a Senior Project Consultant for KTL UK.

“Some of my favourite things to do are to improve processes, implement new strategies, mentor the team and create efficiencies.”

What are your current responsibilities? I am responsible for the leadership of a project team to deliver MBNL T&A Build program on time, within budget, safely and to the quality standards in line with the client’s requirements and agreed contractual SLA/KPI’s. 

Could you share some achievements in the role? For the MBNL T&A Build project for 2021, over 70% of our sites are Right First Time/Almost-Right First Time and we also have over 80% delivery success rate this year. These achievements have been well praised in terms of quality, delivery, and financial efficiency. Credit goes to the whole team. 

Outside of work, what are your hobbies and interests? I am a tech lover at heart. I enjoy a game of badminton, snooker and sometimes golf and I am also fond of visiting new places. 

Paul Korzeniewski was recently promoted to KTL Project Director – many congratulations!

Paul’s promotion comes after joining the KTL group a few short months ago in late 2020, which is impressive.

Read Paul’s 



KTL have completed the last 5G site for EE in Norwich

The full site upgrade included new steel work, new antennas, new RRU’s, new fibre and feeder run, new BTS, power works and site integration. The site was issued a priority one status due to it being the last site in the portfolio in the Norwich area to get full 5G coverage.

KTL managed the project from instruction through build and integration of the site. Strong team work from all involved was needed on this difficult site due to bad weather conditions and limited design information from the start.

“Massive well done to the KTL team for getting the Norwich priority one site over the line – KTL worked hard to keep it to plan despite the challenges. We really needed this site to hit the towns and cities target! Thanks again”, Eddie Korzeniewski, Network Delivery, EE

Well done to all the KTL team involved which included Kevin Leahy (DM), Mihai FlorescuMuica Adrian FlorinAndrew Rose-McGuckin, Steven Frisbee, Thomas McDonald, VYTAUTAS PETKEVICIUS, Martynas Petkevicius, Domas GalbuogisAntanas Strioga, Modestas Kavaliauskas, Mindaugas Stankevicius. Well done also to Attridge Scaffolding for dealing with a difficult and changing job.

Sinead Larkin is KTL HR Manager covering both Ireland and the UK.

“Over the last 8 years, the company has introduced a lot of additional staff benefits which I am really proud of. Benefits such as additional leave per length of service, top ups for family leave, the employee assistance program and the digital gym to name just a few.”

Check out Sinead’s employee story here:

To find out more about working for KTL, visit

****25 days annual leave ****

Quality time with family and loved ones has been proven to make people more effective and efficient in performing their work duties. 

KTL are delighted to announce we are extending annual leave for all employees to 25 days per annum, for all our other great benefits please visit here: 

As this June is Pride month, it is important to outline our ethos at KTL, which is to always stand up for others, even if you don’t belong to that community yourself.

KTL are a proud ally to the LGBTQ+ community and we would like to make our community aware that you can now add pronouns to your LinkedIn profile.
This can be done by editing your personal profile and choosing from he/him, she/her, they/them or indeed by customising your pronouns to whichever you would like to identify as.

We spoke with NELSON COELHO a supervisor with the KTL Group about his role at KTL and how he celebrates Day of Portugal on the 10 June 2021. This is the National Day of Portugal – it is a public holiday and celebrated by Portuguese people throughout the world. 

“I enjoy working with a multicultural team, which has allowed me to learn so much about different cultures and have some fun while getting the job done”. 

Salomon Perez, Senior Project Manager at KTL shared his story with us.

To find out more about KTL services, visit
To find out more about working for KTL, visit