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The KTL vision is to be recognised as the most reliable partner in this industry. Our clients should be able to select us to deliver their objectives without hesitation, knowing that KTL will guarantee success. We want to continue to prove ourselves as the genuine leader in health and safety, environment, innovation, and quality.

At KTL, we welcome talented people from a wide range of backgrounds who can help us in our mission to continue growing a sustainable business while being recognised as a reliable partner for our customers. In return, we offer the opportunity to be part of a thriving business with real purpose, great benefits, development opportunities and an inclusive culture.

Spotlight employee story: We spoke to Mariana Meresciu, Commercial Manager to find out what it is like to work at KTL.

At KTL, our mission is to continue to grow a sustainable business in the telecommunications industry, utilities and electricity markets prioritising the health and safety of our employees, as well as delivering quality and innovative solutions for our clients.

The ethos for KTL from day one was that ‘no’ was not an option and that remains the case today as we aim to lead, not follow. We are already recognised as a reliable partner across the industry, and our goal is to maintain that reputation as we develop and show even more innovation.

Spotlight employee story: we spoke to Cristian Bogdan, Project Manager to find out what it is like to work at KTL.

At KTL, we are all about building and maintaining a great team. We know that it is the people at KTL who make the company consistently successful, and we do what we can to recognise and reward that.

KTL is a known leader in the telecommunications, power and utility sectors, having consistently delivered fast, effective and reliable engineering services for more than 20 years.

At KTL we thrive on the results that we deliver for our clients. Our partnership with Vodafone has been extremely prosperous and continues to grow and evolve. It was fantastic to receive this feedback from @Vodafone’s Ker Anderson recently and to know that the feeling is mutual.

Recently the team completed a successful transition from OHSAS18001 to the International Standard of ISO 45001 in Occupational Health and Safety. This is a real achievement for the team as the transition was made all that more interesting and challenging due to the current global situation. This is an accomplishment of the entire KTL Team across the company as a result of the robust systems in place, well done to all.