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25 years of KTL

KTL was launched in 1998 by founder and director Tony Killarney, and in the last quarter century has grown into an industry-leading business, servicing blue chip clients across the UK and Ireland.

The company has expanded vastly, entering new and more complex areas of the telecoms and power sectors, and now employing more than 500 people right across the globe.

Since the beginning, the people who have worked for and with KTL have made it what it is. Each person in the wider KTL team understands the business goals with respect to our clients, the environment and each other. The agile, innovative and reliable company that stands today is a result of that, and we couldn’t be more grateful or proud of all those who have been with us so far.

As we reflect on KTL’s incredible milestones of the past 25 years, we are ever more inspired to look to the future, knowing that we are part of perhaps the most exciting industry around, and that there are even bigger things to come.

CEO Alan Hanamy says where KTL is after 25 years is a huge achievement, and the evolution of the company shows just how far the belief that “nothing is impossible” can take you.

“We’ve safely expanded through recessions, a pandemic, an ongoing war and massive technology changes. We now employ more than 500 people, from 22 countries, across five continents - a diverse, talented group that positions us very well to continue supporting our clients for many years to come.”


The Journey

The Journey … Continues

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