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About Us

KTL is a known leader in the telecommunications, power, and utility sectors, having consistently delivered fast, effective and reliable engineering services for more than 20 years.


Working with major blue-chip clients across the UK and Ireland, our goal is to use our technical know-how and ability to think outside the box to deliver the best possible results for every customer – we’ve never lost a contract, so we know we’re doing the job as we continue to grow and expand.


Having the right people is the only way to deliver the right results. Great teamwork is a huge part of what makes KTL unique, so our emphasis is on building the right environment to allow all our staff to perform at their best.

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Nothing less than the best. That is what we provide.  


Our commitment to keeping our people safe every day is absolute.


Guaranteed delivery

Rest assured, if we say we will get it done, we will get it done. We have never failed to deliver a project.

We are committed to our accredited environmental policy and to the prevention of pollution. 

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KTL’s aim is to be the best in the business, and to achieve that we work with the best in the business. Our partners include sub-contractors and labour providers who have the experience and expertise needed to deliver top quality services for our clients.


We have a strong track record in partnerships and see them as win-win arrangements  – for us, we team up with people who know their field and their location completely, and so are better able to provide what is needed. For our partners, we provide steady and reliable workflow, security, and good terms and conditions.


Among those we work with are our design and acquisition companies in telecoms, telecom labour providers, civil labour sub-contractors, and fibre I&C companies.

Potential partners

resource pool - staff and extensive network of partners

of the workforce from 10 years ago are still with KTL with unbroken services

million delivered of services in this rapidly changing area


in business

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