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Extend(Jpeg)V12.0 KTL Website - Services
Extend(Jpeg)V12.0 KTL Website - Services


highly skilled project managers

Our highly skilled and experienced team have decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, utilities, and electricity markets with a proven track record of working with clients across Ireland and the UK. We aim to grow a sustainable business while being recognised as a reliable and trusted technical partner to our clients. In doing so, we continually prioritise the health and safety of our team. 

Our Services

Professional services

With decades of experience across a range of projects, KTL is an expert in constructing networks, as well as planning, designing and project managing network rollouts.


Electricity network services - KTL has in-house civil, structural and electrical engineering resources to provide comprehensive solutions for electricity network infrastructure projects, including full turnkey delivery.

Power and Utilities

KTL offers a full range of network deployment and engineering services to mobile operators, enterprise service providers and broadband providers.

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