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KTL has a wide range of clients including Vodafone, Three, BT/EE, MBNL, Ericsson, Nokia and Community Fibre. We pride ourselves on delivering specifically for our customers' unique requirements.


With decades of experience in the industry, our technical expertise is second to none. We use this knowledge to find new solutions and provide tailor-made services for any project.


As a telecoms leader, connecting communities is a natural priority for KTL, and our collaboration within the industry demonstrates that. These partnerships, along with our in-house technical SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) ensure we always have the most relevant and qualified information to suit any project.


We deliver end-to-end services, from acquisition, planning and design, the transmission, right through to build, service management, and bolt-on professional services – we are the safe hands that clients can rely on.

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Services overview

KTL delivers a broad range of services across the telecoms industry and is essentially a one-stop shop for mobile operators, enterprise service providers, and broadband providers.


We provide an end-to-end service encompassing everything from acquisition, planning and design, transmission (TX), right through to build, service management and professional services. Whether it’s new site build and upgrades, special events, or end-of-tenancies, KTL will create and deliver a tailored plan for you from start to finish.


Saving time and expense for our clients is a priority, and that is reflected in KTL’s streamlined processes. We combine multiple projects and dependencies to ensure a sequenced approach to delivery, minimising unnecessary spend on un-used services. This process also enables us to save on costs by combining activities and reducing the number of site visits.

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Project Management

KTL provides a full project management service, individually or embedded within the service deliverables. The project management and planning functions provide the backbone of any activity and is the key to the success of any service. KTL has vast experience in providing this from a client-facing role to the engineer on the ground, with all the supporting functions in between:

  • Finance

  • Logistics

  • Delivery/Build management

  • Quality assurance

  • Health and safety

  • Permit and access

  • Reporting

This seamless management function ensures projects are delivered safely on time, and to budget. Ensuring the clients requirements are met and they are well informed throughout the project cycle.

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Acquisition and Planning

KTL’s acquisition and planning department has continuously expanded over the last five years to provide a full range of services to our clients. The team consists of surveyors, project managers and qualified town planners with a vast array of experience working for small works contractors, vendors and operators. With our in-house new Electronic Communication Code expertise, we have the capabilities to complete lease renewals, rent reviews and new site agreements. We have delivered legal access and planning approvals across thousands of upgrades and new sites on a full range of site types and locations. Working in collaboration with our design and build colleagues from initial project instruction enables KTL to adopt a right first time approach to deployment activities.

  • Desktop and feasibility assessment – Lease read and planning viability analysis

  • Multi-skilled visits – On site meetings with site providers and managing agents to agree pathway to legal access

  • Site provider consent – Requesting and obtaining site provider consent where necessary (upgrades)

  • New site acquisition – From initial site search through to head of terms negotiation and legal access

  • Site share services – Full end-to-end incoming and outgoing site share capabilities for all third-party sites

  • Planning services – Completion of all planning types in-house from licence notification through to GPDO and full planning applications

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This fast-growing KTL division plays a crucial role in our clients’ journeys, enabling us to be part of a project from inception, and laying out a roadmap to get projects off to the best possible start.


Our telecom design team is fully compliant with UK legislation and

Construction Design and Management (CDM) legislation and hosts a wealth of experience. The team is made up of more than 20 full-time staff, with backgrounds working for operators, equipment vendors and other design houses.

  • General arrangement and due diligence – Drawing production and management

  • Multi-skilled visits – Full design and acquisition surveys with drone LiDAR technology and traditional methods

  • ICNIRP – ICNIRP profiling and modelling, creation of standard blocks and identifying best site configuration

  • Full acquisition services – Full planning, LN, site searches, HOTs (Head of Terms) and legal services

  • Principal designer – Principal designer and design authority

  • Electrical and structural design – L1-L3 GDC (structural survey), structural design, electrical design

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KTL’s growth in the transmission service area has accelerated tremendously over the past few years, largely due to our ability to provide end-to-end solutions and a rapid response to high-priority projects at very short notice. Our comprehensive services cover transmission planning, including topology, cluster planning, link planning licensing (Comrig/Ofcom) and documentation, desktop analysis, surveying (LOS, PIVs, MSVs), link installation and commissioning, warehousing and logistics, and structural analysis.

  • E2E planning – Encapsulating all aspects of any proposed upgrade, including TX planning (MW (Microwave) or LL (lease line) acquisition, enablement civils and sites design

  • Fibre civils – Full fibre LL installation service

  • Service monitoring – Remote management of sites and links to identify outages, congestion and performance issues

  • Congestion – Managing link congestion either remotely, proactively or reactively to increase capacity or offload capacity

  • IP management – Allocation and management of IP tables and configuration of transport and BTS IPs

  • Delivery and configuration – TX installation of IDU, switches and gateway devices. Creation of config files and remote deployment

  • Integration – Integrating devices and systems onto service management platforms, testing and commissioning

  • Design – Full transmission design, radio or LL, including site design, GDC, GA, DD

  • 5G topology re-design – Overlay 5G designs on existing 3G/4G networks to phase transmission of traffic and upgrade of equipment

  • NPI and trials – New product integration and full end-to-end trial service

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Build Services

Our build services entail complete construction for new sites RF and TX upgrades, including power, cabinets steelworks and strengthening. With full management of access, outages, REC (mains power), plant and equipment, as well as integration, back-office functions and logistics, this is an all-encompassing service where KTL takes control of the management and heavy lifting. Our integration and back-office services include DICI, on-site commissioning and back-office configuration functions, including PPM and BIS. We also provide in-house deployment teams across all functions, from rigging and electrical, to civils, TX, and logistics.

  • New site build – Full new site construction

  • RF and TX upgrades – All site upgrades including power, cabinets steelwork and strengthening

  • Principal contractor – Full principal contractor function

  • Dependency management – Full end-to-end management of all affecting factors to build

  • Integration and back office – DICI, on-site commissioning and back-office configuration functions: including PPM and BIS

  • In-house teams – In-house deployment teams across all functions : rigging, electrical, civils, TX, logistics

Data centres

Data centres 

KTL continues to extend its involvement in client-owned data centres, engaging with customers and vendors at design and survey stage, and completing full project delivery, from logistics through to full installation, commissioning, and testing.

As the demand for data centre resources grows globally, KTL now also works on larger scale cloud-based storage networks, including full data hall installations and fit-outs. 

These projects tend to be fast-paced, with strict service requirements and deadlines, and KTL is well-placed to meet these conditions. As well as having more than a decade of experience in this area, KTL's in-depth knowledge of clients' sites, unique processes, and procedures enables it to deliver fast and flexible solutions, specifically tailored to each individual customer's needs.

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Service Management

KTL’s service management is tailored to a client’s requirements to ensure minimal customer impact, proactive monitoring and maintenance, reduced down time and capacity management. It can include everything from routine maintenance, temporary coverage and power solutions, capacity management, RTA (residential tenancies authority) rectifications, and remote repair and software upgrades. Taking the individual needs of any project into account, KTL can create a full operational wrap to manage all elements of a project and ensure a smooth and fast process.

  • Monitoring – 24-hour network monitoring to identify faults and performance

  • Field ops – Field operatives serving all sites to resolve faults and issues

  • Maintenance – A structured maintenance schedule to ensure sites are safe and serviceable, maintaining access and serviceability of infrastructure

  • Congestion – Proactively monitoring backhaul and RF utilisation, identifying upgrade requirements

  • EOL swaps – Proactively identifying legacy equipment (end of life) and implementing solution to upgrade

  • Spare Parts Management (SPM) – Managing spares at select locations throughout the UK to minimise replacement time for faults

  • Remote fix – Back-office support to conduct remote activities: SW upgrades, resets, configuration and parameter changes

  • Performance and optimisation – Monitoring performance periodically and pre and post any onsite activities, faults. Identifying and implementing solutions to relieve congestion

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Professional Services

Our project management – fully encapsuled “end-to-end” or individual project management resource to deliver customer-specific functions and projects.

  • Consultancy – Client consultancy services across all telecommunications areas, from concept to implementation

  • Service management – Tailored back office service management functions

  • Logistics and asset management – Equipment logistics, tracking, stock control and pre-staging

  • Design authority – Design Management, process. documentation and principal designer functions

  • SME resource – Subject matter experts across all functions  - Transmission Design, Acquisition, Build, Finance

  • Project support functions – Project Co-ordination, scheduling, access and outage Management

  • Transmission planning – TX planning resource for MW, LL and VSAT planning to suit all technologies and site types. Including temporary deployments and trials

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