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KTL has more than 25 years’ experience in providing solutions for major electrical infrastructure projects, and is an established leader in delivering civil, structural and electrical engineering resources.


KTL’s project and resource management is second to none, and means we are able to service multiple projects, and operate under restricted timeframes confidently. We have developed bespoke project management governance structures, processes and support systems to ensure delivery to cost, quality and programme goals.


Innovation is always at the forefront of our work, and we are constantly looking to update and upgrade our own processes.


Our web and smartphone-based software app that helps to manage workflow on electricity network assets is just one example of how we are constantly looking for the best new ways to deliver benefits to our clients.  

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Overhead Power Lines

KTL brings together a wealth of expertise, including design, project management, PSCS and construction experience at voltage levels 400kV through to 11kV, working on both new build and refurbishment of power lines. We operate on the current ESBN OHL and NIE Frameworks and have delivered many complex projects to the clients requirements.


Our clients have included ESBN, ESBWD, ESBT, SSE, SSER, Scottish Power and WPD. KTL’s commitment to innovation in this area is also clear, having incorporated OHLs into our smartphone-based app to help manage workflows. The software uses a combination of mobile devices, creative processes and workflows, and cloud-based software to deliver a more efficient service to our clients.

  • Intrusive inspections of existing tower foundations

  • Network condition assessments at all voltage levels

  • Network patrol and survey works at all voltage levels

  • Drone services

  • Tower analysis

  • Full access and wayleaving services

  • Access routes, stone, bog mats, trackway, durabase

  • Tower foundations, piled, mass concrete, formwork

  • Specialist pole foundations in bog conditions

  • Wood pole erection and refurbishment for all voltages

  • 38kV/110kV/220kV/400kV steel tower erection, including refurbishment/uprating works

  • Stringing of network conductor on all voltages

  • Steel pole, tower and gantry painting at all voltages

  • Storm emergency works

  • Overhead power line and underground cable design at all voltages

  • Civil works associated with network builds

  • Fibre wrapping

  • HTLS installation

  • Outage management

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KTL designs and builds substations at voltages up to 400kV transmission and has undertaken substation works throughout Ireland and the UK for clients such as ESB Networks, SSE, Bord na Mona and ABB for nearly two decades.  


We are renowned for our success in consistently meeting client standards in health and safety, environmental, quality, technical and commercial, and are proud to have clients return to us time and again because of that. KTL’s highly regarded project and resource management is a significant asset in our work with substations. Our ability to streamline processes and avoid unnecessary delays means our clients benefit from lower costs and a more expedient service.

  • Asset management

  • Electrical system studies

  • HV plant procurement and specification

  • Substation design at all voltages

  • Substation civil design and build

  • Electrical installation

  • Electrical maintenance

  • Routine maintenance

  • Consultancy services

  • Commissioning up to 400kV

  • Pre – commissioning

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