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Our mission is to continue to grow a sustainable business in the telecommunications industry, utilities and electricity markets, delivering quality and innovative solutions for our clients while also prioritising the health and safety of our employees.

The ethos for KTL from day one was that ‘no’ was not an option and that remains the case today as we aim to lead, not follow. We are already recognised as a reliable partner across the industry, and our goal is to maintain that reputation as we develop and show even more innovation.


We want to be recognised as the most reliable partner in this industry. Our clients should be able to select us to deliver their objectives without hesitation, knowing that KTL will guarantee success. We want to continue to prove ourselves as the genuine leader in health and safety, environment, innovation, and quality.

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Health, Safety and Environment 

Customer objectives

Our attitude to meeting our customers’ requirements and getting a job done is “never give up, never fail”. Our internal employee values are about being reliable and trusted to do what we say we will do. We guarantee delivery.

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Put simply, every person who works for KTL returns home safely every day - that is our expectation and we all go to great lengths to ensure it is achieved. We are also committed to continually improving our environmental performance and preventing pollution. 

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We are proven market-leaders and encourage innovation throughout the company to ensure the best outcomes for KTL and our customers.


Great people is what makes KTL a great place to work, and we want our staff to know that. We treat everyone with dignity and respect and help maintain a flexible work-life balance. We want to grow careers, so we aim to create an environment with development and progression opportunities.

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