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KTL’s proven record in the telecommunications sector and its ability to complete network roll-outs efficiently and effectively has made it an industry leader and kept clients coming back time after time.


Our priority is the best results at the lowest cost for customers, and our fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) process ensures we achieve that. We operate field and back-office works under a single platform to maximise time and cost savings, while ensuring nothing is overlooked.


With decades of experience and thousands of projects behind us, KTL knows how to deliver exactly what you need, and has an all-inclusive service to get you there. Be it a new site build, network upgrade special events or end of tenancies, we provide every service needed to take a project from concept to completion. KTL offers full project management or project support, client consultancy, service management, in-house technical SMEs (subject matter expert) assistance, logistics and asset management, design authority and transmission planning.


For standalone and specific areas, we provide staff with the expertise you require – whatever you need to get the job done, we will find a way to help.

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Project management

Fully encapsulated

or an individual 


Client consultancy services across all telecommunications areas

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Service management

Tailored back-office service management functions

Logistics and asset management

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Equipment logistics, tracking, stock control and pre-staging (equipment set up and testing)

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Design Authority

Design management, process, documentation and principal designer functions

SME resource

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Subject Matter Experts at all project stages

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Project support functions

Project co-ordination, scheduling, access and outage management

Transmission planning

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TX planning resource for MW, LL and VSAT planning to suit all technologies and site types

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Acquisition and Planning

Capabilities include lease renewals, rent reviews and new site agreements. We have delivered legal access and planning approvals across thousands of upgrades and new sites

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