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Whilst KTL now has offices in Ireland and the UK, the company made a humble debut, launching from the bedroom of civil engineer Tony Killarney. Originally the company was called Killarney Telecommunications Limited, which was later shortened to KTL.


In 1998, mobile network roll-outs were accelerating across Ireland and the UK and a surge in the building of housing estates was driving heavy demand for power and utilities services. Digifone – which would later become O2, then Telefonica, and now Three - became KTL’s first client. In 2010, KTL entered the UK market, broadening its professional services, telecoms, power and utilities business.


Moving with the rapid pace of the telecommunications industry, the company has evolved from simple civil engineering to the deeply technical side of network engineering, completing end-to-end managed services for clients with full planning, design, network build and integration, upgrade and maintenance.


Today KTL still takes inspiration from its history, reflecting on the fact that we have never failed to deliver a project and always strive to live up to that record.


We are also constantly looking forward, and performing better, while being a great place to work with excellent benefits and a progressive culture.

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KTL was established in Ireland in the early stages of mobile telecoms roll-out. At the same time, power and utilities engineering services took off amid a housing market boom


KTL expanded into the UK to broaden its professional services, telecoms, power, and utilities business.


KTL continues its sustainable growth and has successfully implemented a full ERP process.


Celebrated 25 years in business

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