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An Open RAN workshop was held at Vodafone HQ in Newbury recently, Dom Mackinnon#KTL Technical Manager attended and shared this summary, “It was great to catch up with many members of the Vodafone team, as well as meeting up with key people from Dell, NEC, Samsung and Windriver.”

“The workshop objective was to get people together who are working across the ORAN project to support collaboration.”

“Face to face gatherings are a great way to inspire innovation, create process efficiencies, and improve overall communication. They are also a good opportunity to connect with people who might not otherwise meet in person.”

“We had a lovely meal with people driven to deliver for Vodafone our customer and trade thoughts and share ideas.”

“I’m personally looking forward to providing more KTL solutions for our delivery as the ORAN vehicle continues to develop and drive forward.”

Image credit of Vodafone website:

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