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Alan Hanamy, CEO

Started with KTL in 2000 and became CEO in 2010.

It’s going to sound like a cliché but ask anyone at KTL what makes the company unique, and they will say it's the Staff. That’s entirely accurate.

I feel privileged to work for a company I respect so much, and alongside people who I not only respect, but learn from and enjoy working with.

Employing the right people and ensuring everyone is aligned on our goals for each client and for the company has always been a priority. Many of the staff we’ve hired have come from employee referrals – they’re happy to bring in friends and family, and I think that says a lot about how people are treated. The consistent growth means there has always been good opportunities for promotion and career development.

When we faced a skills shortage over 20 years ago, we began sourcing skilled staff from overseas. Since then, our workforce has grown substantially and today we have over 500 people working for us, from 22 different countries - many working from home. Our diverse, talented, multicultural workforce remains a key differentiator and contributor to our growth.

The way KTL dealt with the challenge of Covid, is something I’m particularly proud of. When Covid started, Telecoms and Power connectivity became even more critical for everyone to continue to function in their daily lives. The management team reacted very quickly – strong communication reassured everyone, and plans for working from home and safe field practises were proactively established. The staff reacted brilliantly, showing all the competency and flexibility we could ask for. What we learned, and how we adapted through the pandemic has further strengthened KTL.

We are lucky to operate in two busy sectors – Power and Telecoms. We have great clients across Ireland and the UK, who we’ve developed strong relationships with over many years. We genuinely value these partnerships and are very grateful that our clients continue to place their trust in us and place repeat business with us.

Our clients operate in fast-paced, ever-changing sectors with lots of challenges in managing network upgrades. We need to find ways to support them regardless of the challenges – in fact, anticipate and embrace the obstacles and challenges. KTL have a good track record of doing this. I think it’s in our DNA from the start to be responsive and agile, whilst always delivering safely. I believe this positions us well for the future and is what I’m most excited for going forward.

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