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Pawel Ambroziak, Project Manager-Design Solution Engineer

Started with KTL in 2006

I’ve been working for KTL for going on 17 years and am excited to be celebrating with the company as it reaches its 25th anniversary.

Having been in several different positions for KTL, I’ve learnt to approach every job from a unique perspective – each client has different requirements, and it’s about finding a solution that is right for the client.

‘Expect the unexpected’ is a good motto for our work, and telecoms as a whole! As we go forward, I’m excited to work on more interesting projects, keep learning and just generally see what happens.

That attitude is the same for how KTL treat staff. Each employee is treated as an individual, with their needs being considered. Whether it’s the option of working from home or doing more study, KTL provides support that means staff feel valued and are loyal. It is genuinely a great place to work.

I’ve got lots of stories and memories from my time with the company, but one that stands out is my first Christmas Party at the Glen Royal Hotel in Clane. I was still very new at the time. It was on a Friday night - I had a long and demanding day in work and went to the party almost straight from site. I didn’t expect to have such fun! There was a great atmosphere, lots of laughs, happy people - it was brilliant and very memorable! We know how to work hard but we know how to celebrate too.

Throughout my years at KTL, I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by excellent colleagues, some who have become true friends.

To find out more about KTL’s 25th anniversary go to:


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