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Tony Killarney, KTL Founder and Director

No one could have predicted the changes we’ve seen in the power and telecoms industries over the last 25 years e.g., with more than 6000 mobile phone infrastructure sites in Ireland today, with 5G being rolled out nationwide and no end in sight to the technology evolution. But from KTL’s inception, I knew what I wanted KTL to grow into – it’s a tribute to many people over the last 25 years that this is where we’ve actually got to.

My ambitions for KTL were always high and back then my aim was to get to 100 staff and a €10 million turnover within five years, and operating across Ireland and UK, which we achieved. That growth plan was always part of the strategy, but after I stepped back from the day-to-day operations of the company, other people – including much of the current management team took on the challenge and delivered the plan.

While a lot has changed in KTL in the last 25 years, the ethos of KTL has remained the same. Total commitment to getting the work done, finding a way to get it done right first time every time and to very high standards of quality and service.

Back in the early years, my days ranged from 6am to midnight and were filled with site surveys and driving from one location to another across the country.

My fiancée (now wife), Helen, was teaching in inner city Dublin at the time and she drove to Maynooth each evening and weekends and did all the accounts and admin. We did a lot of rooftops in Dublin at weekends and at nights, so every weekend I was busy working on the jobs myself. We worked hard and it was long hours, but quality and delivery were always guaranteed, so we got the name of being the best and hence got all the difficult rooftop jobs, but the team and I loved the challenges of these sometimes complex and sensitive city centre sites.

Watching KTL grow and building on its reputation for quality makes me very proud. Providing secure and flexible employment to a diverse and loyal staff and rewarding them for contributing to KTL’s success is what I hope and expect to see continue for another 25 years.

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