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Safety First as KTL-EUP Facilitates Cork City Development Project

KTL-EUP successfully completes alteration to 110kV overhead line on September 23rd; safely facilitating a council land-development project in Cork City.

On Wednesday September 23rd, KTL-EUP once again proved itself to be an upholder of the highest safety and quality standards, as an expert team ensured the alteration of a 110kv overhead line.

The project facilitated the continued development of land in Cork City, upon which approximately 1000 homes are set to be constructed.

As KTL-EUP were dealing with a high security span, crossing over private residences and a railway, the construction of a new mast was conducted around the existing line using a bespoke engineering solution, maximising safety in an attempt to reduce any risk to staff or the public.

Having gained approval from the client, KTL-EUP’s skilled and unwaveringly dedicated field staff went about constructing and erecting the new bespoke mast. This work was safely completed in just one day.

The next step in the process was to transfer the overhead line from the old mast to the new one – a complex operation.

Following on from the line transfer, KTL-EUP constructed the cable lead-in and the accompanying steelwork, working in tandem with the client’s cable installation crew to ensure the timely completion of the installation.

The final phase of the project involved the connection on the tower, from the new cable onto the line, as well as the retirement of the old overhead line and associated structures.

“KTL-EUP has developed a reputation for meeting such challenges with innovation and steely determination while stringently adhering to safety protocols, and this occasion was no different with an expert team of overhead line workers completing the task without issue” said Darren McCarthy, Assembly Supervisor, KTL-EUP.

“Due to the multifaceted nature of HV network operations, schedules and programmes, the works were successfully completed to the highest standards, with KTL-EUP remaining flexible throughout, accommodating client schedule changes and avoiding potentially costly delays” said Emmet Clarke, Project Manager, KTL-EUP.

KTL-EUP’s client, ESB, expressed great gratitude to KTL-EUP for going above and beyond to ensure their programme remained on track.

KTL-EUP maintain an extremely good working relationship with ESB, who trust KTL-EUP to deliver on each project with a keen focus on safety and quality engineering practices.

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