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Retirement Interview with Andrzej Pilchowski

Could you provide an overview of your career with KTL?

I started in 2010 and always worked as a rigger on many different projects. In the last few years, I was also working as an abseiler. When I first started at KTL my main job was doing tests on site master, we were building 4G and using fibre. Now some people don’t even remember those things!

What were some key milestones or highlights (achievements/projects) along the way that makes you most proud?

I’m proud because I can honestly say after all these years, I still love this job.

What motivated you while working with KTL?

I like working with my hands and creating things and doing it well. That motivates me.

How have you seen KTL evolve over the years?

We have more processes and are better organised, but our core way of working hasn’t changed much, from my perspective.

As you prepare to retire, what advice, wisdom or insights would you give to your colleagues at KTL that will benefit the next generation?

In this job, it takes almost the same amount of effort to do the work well as not to do it well, so why not do it well?

Can you describe any managers/leadership experiences you've had with KTL that stand out?

There were many. In recent years I can think of two: Tomasz Myszak, he is an absolute professional who is leading and working hand in hand with the team. No job is below him.

And Brendan - when he was a project manager on TX, he treated the teams like partners. He didn’t pretend to know everything and that gave him more respect from the teams.

What are your plans and hopes for retirement?

I’m working on going back to my old career – a painter/artist. Wish me luck! This is a return to my previous profession. I "abandoned" it many years ago because I absolutely fell in love with climbing and working at heights, and later with telecoms. But I always knew I'd come back to it. Now I have a head full of ideas and can approach it again with fresh view and full commitment.

From all at KTL, we would like to Wish Andrzej a big thank you for his many years of hard work and commitment wish him all the very best for a long and happy retirement.


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