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Let’s Get Moving Steps Challenge 2021

Let’s Get Moving Steps Challenge 2021

Let’s start 2021 with a focus on our health, happiness and wellbeing.

We would like our staff to participate in our first ever steps challenge, which is taking place between January 11th and February 7th.

The Challenge

Get in as many steps as you can for yourself and your team.

Your team leader will submit your teams steps every week to (UK) Anthony Heys or (IRE) James O’Connor.


A Fitbit Charge 4 for each member of the winning team and the individual with the most steps.

How to track your steps

You can track your steps several ways, including:

· A pedometer

· A wearable fitness tracker (such as a Fitbit)

· An app on your phone, such as:

  • Android: Leap Fitness Group Step Tracker

  • Apple: Pacer Pedometer & Step Tracker

  • Some phones may already have an inbuilt fitness tracker

Get as many steps in as you can!

· Walk the dog

· Park further away from the shop entrance

· Walk instead of drive

· Pace during a phone call or watching TV

· Take a walk at lunch

· Take the stairs, avoid escalators and elevators

· Get off the bus a stop or two early

The small print

Teams cannot be larger than five participants.

Team leader must send their teams steps to Anthony Heys (UK) or James O’Connor (IRE) every week.

To keep things fair, each team leader must also submit proof of their team’s weekly steps (screenshot of app, photo of Fitbit watch/Pedometer etc.).

This steps challenge is open to direct staff members and contractors.

The winner of the individual prize cannot be a member of the winning team. In this case, the individual prize will go to the person with the next highest steps.

If there is a team member(s) of the winning team that did no steps throughout the challenge, he/she will not receive a prize.

Sign up now!

Email your team’s name and participants to:

(UK) Anthony Heys, or

(IRE) James O’Connor

Deadline to submit: 6th January 2021

For more information contact Duncan Mackintosh who’s overseeing this steps challenge.


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