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KTL in partnership with ESB has successfully completed the refurbishment of Kilbarry-Maria110kV

The ESB Kilbarry – Marina 110 kV line, an existing double-circuit, earth-wire overhead line commissioned in 1952, required a significant refurbishment. KTL a trusted, long-term partner of the ESB was assigned the task of refurbishing priority towers along the 4.3km line that runs through Cork City, Montenotte, Ballyvolane and Kilbarry through mainly residential, urban areas.

The project's objectives were to complete the refurbishment in two separate outages in the safest and most efficient way possible, from May '23 to July '23 and September '23 to November '23. The densely urban setting of this overhead line and the varying degrees of decay of steel members on the towers made this a complex task. David Hughes, KTL Project Manager mentioned, “This project involved considerable planning before works commenced including defining access, conducting risk assessments, method statements, and working closely with local stakeholders."

As the project unfolded the team worked diligently to replace the damaged steel members, bolts, and step bolts along the line while ensuring the safety and integrity of the towers. Hughes recalls a particularly challenging phase, "While working over Cork Harbour, we had to replace steel work on the tower arms and the conductors had to be moved into the body of the towers to allow the steel to be replaced, this meant moving and changing the heights of conductors. This required close communication with the Cork harbour master as cruise ships passed under this particular line, which was 45 meters above water level."

Overall, the project included 5 towers fully refurbished, 471 bars replaced, 400 step bolts replaced, and over 3,000 bolts replaced. The towers have been primed and painted ensuring their good condition for years to come.

Kenneth Mason, ESB Projects commented, “This project had considerable constraints with a large number of Temporary Work Design Certifications (TWDs) required, very narrow and challenging access to structures and public safety and welfare factors to name but a few items to take into account when planning the works. KTL set about completing comprehensive RAMS to safely complete the works with these constraints in mind.

KTL made great efforts to achieve practical and safe solutions to complete this phase of works on the Kilbarry – Marina 1&2 110 kV Line project. The sheer size and location of some of the pylons made the project even more challenging. Credit where credit is due to the crews and management of KTL for completing this project.”

Hughes commented on the project's success, saying, "Every ESB project awarded to KTL throws up its own unique challenges. I always feel we have the experience and knowledge in our team to overcome these challenges and get the job done. The management team worked hard to keep the property stakeholders informed and content at all times. A big thank you to the tower crews that did such great work on the towers and especially last month in some extreme weather conditions."

KTL Power

With a track record spanning over 25 years, KTL is a recognised leader in providing comprehensive solutions in civil, structural, and electrical engineering. KTL’s ability to adapt and find solutions in complex urban environments makes us a trusted partner for clients such as ESBN, ESBWD, ESBT, SSE, SSER, Scottish Power, and WPD.

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