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KTL have a number of free to access employee benefits

As a member of the Group Life Assurance and Group Critical Illness schemes, KTL employees are entitled to Aston Lark WeCare value added benefits. WeCare provides a range of virtual services which are available for all employees through an app, on the website or over the phone.

The virtual services include:


• 24/7 access to a UK based GP.

• Private prescriptions delivered to your home.

• Support on how to quit smoking.

Mental Health

• Up to 10 sessions with Canada Life’s team of mental health practitioners.

• Access to coping mechanisms and stress reduction techniques.

• Help with traumatic experiences.

Wellbeing and Healthy Living

• Bespoke 4 or 8 week get fit programmes based on balances diet and workout regime.

• Team of nutritionists can help you improve your diet, lose weight, and adapt to medical conditions.

• Nutritious meal ideas.

Financial and Legal Wellbeing

• Guidance from experts on a wide range of financial issues.

• Guidance from legal experts who can help with divorce, property, consumer disputes and more.

Other services included in these schemes are:

· Second medical advice opinion service gives you access to over 50,000 consultants worldwide.

· Personal nurse service provides practical and emotional support through a Personal Nurse Adviser.

· Bereavement counselling provides you and your immediate family with access to a qualified bereavement counsellor.

· Probate helpline provides you and your immediate family with access to experts who can provide you with advice and financial guidance on if you are in a position where you are in charge of someone’s estate.

To view more of KTL’s employee benefits, visit:


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