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KTL celebrates ISO 27001:2022 certification

KTL are pleased to announce we have achieved the ISO27001:2022 Information Security Standard adding to our existing ISO certifications 9001, 14001 and 45001.

ISO27001:2022 Information Security is a key milestone for KTL as it demonstrates our capabilities and management practices to both our customers, our suppliers, and our employees. Information Security not only covers the IT and Cyber Security aspects of data and system management and their protection, but also the physical security of our premises.

The scope of ISO 27001:2022 is broad, covering a wide range of elements and we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Approximately 18 months ago, in May 2022, we set out on our mission to meet the standard alongside our dedicated IT & Cyber Security Team with colleagues from Accounts, Operations, Warehousing, Health & Safety and Human Resources departments, and support from our key suppliers. Together we implemented extensive changes, improvements, and robust processes to help prepare KTL and its staff for ISO 27001:2022.

These included:

  • Procurement and implementation of an information management tool to manage the standard.

  • Form a capable team to deliver the project.

  • Implementation of a cyber security awareness platform to educate staff on best practices.

  • Drafting and implementation of 93 policy documents in line with the standard.

  • Technical preparations in multiple systems to ensure compliance with the 93 new policies.

  • An awareness campaign to socialise the standard throughout the company.

  • Complete a 12-day audit of documentation, working practices, technical systems, and the physical premises.

I am pleased to confirm that after 12 days of auditing completing in November 2023, KTL have successfully achieved the standard with zero non-conformances. A huge success for such a complex standard.

Neil Smith


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