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ESB Networks (ESBN) Cloon – Lanesboro 110kV Line Refurbishment Project

KTL have successfully completed the ESB Networks (ESBN) Cloon – Lanesboro 110kV Line Refurbishment Project.

We are delighted to report that this challenging project was completed to ESB’s essential standard one week before deadline and safely with no accidents reported.

The project involved the refurbishment of 91 of 363 existing 110kV Overhead Line (OHL) structures. As an ESB framework partner, KTL carried out works that included wood pole replacements, crossarm and hardware replacements, painting of towers, tower foundation capping, dig-in-earth grids and fit anti-climbing guards on the towers.

The primary challenge with this project was the restricted access of certain pole sets in a bog deemed a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). There were strict planning permission guidelines that needed to be adhered to as a result. There was an Ecologist on site for the duration of the project and approximately one third of the digs required an archaeologist.

To access the SAC bog safely, the KTL team worked closely with the Ecologist and ESB Engineer to lay Durabase interlocking plastic mats to access the poles together with using clear span bridges to cross streams and drains. Over 300 Durabase mats, 90 wooden mats and bridges were sourced in the UK. The logistics of getting them onsite proved difficult as they had to be transported on one lane roads, then manoeuvred onto site while been lifted and moved for the duration of the project.

There was an added layer of complexity as approximately 60 landowners needed to agree on access to their land for the works to be carried out. All of that, whilst also planning all crossing outages (other power lines that cross) and ensuring it was delivered within outage schedule in a safe and productive manner.

The KTL management team planned this project scope from start to finish expertly. The KTL team involved were Bernard Downey (PSCS – Project Director), David Hughes (Project Manager), Miroslav Varagic (TCO-WO), Neil Coles (Access officer), Ivan Connor (Safety Officer), Donal Gray (Plant Manager) and the Civils crew on the ground for the bog matting and other essential jobs.

David Hughes, Project Manager at KTL, reflected on a job well done, “When I first read through the management file for this project it looked to be fairly straight forward, if you can say that in this type of business, but as time progressed many layers were added which turned it in to quit a challenging project. Now that it is complete there is a great sense of achievement at a job well done”.

ESB Supervisor Tommy McKinley said, “This was a challenging project that had many complications to overcome from start to finish in which KTL managed them competently. It was very important to get this project completed within the outage schedule in order to cause the least amount of disruption to customers in the surrounding areas and also to landowners. We would like to thank David, Miroslav and all the KTL team for their hard work over the course of this project and we look forward to doing further projects together.”

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