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Celebrating Croatia's Statehood Day

Celebrating Croatia's Statehood Day: Insights from KTL staff

Croatia celebrates and marks Statehood Day today May 30th, 2024. This public holiday commemorates the establishment of the first democratically elected parliament in 1990, a pivotal moment on the path to Croatian independence.


For Nikola Solomun, Statehood Day is a chance to reflect on national progress. "It's a day to remember our history and celebrate how far Croatia has come," he says. Many Croatians, like Nikola, extend the festivities into the weekend, turning it into a family getaway. "People usually connect it with the weekend and use it for a short family vacation," Nikola mentions.


KTL's Mihael Juren, describes a popular way to celebrate during the warmer months. "Every public holiday that falls under Spring or Summer months we will probably go for a hike and then prepare a barbecue with family and friends. We just hope the weather will be sunny!" he shares.


Beyond the Celebrations


Croatia boasts a rich and unique heritage and like, Nikola and Mihael highlighted some lesser-known aspects of the country.


Nikola sheds light on Croatia's historical tapestry. "Croatia's past is interwoven with the empires of Austria-Hungary and Italy. Traces of their influence are still visible in our culture and architecture," he explains.


Mihael delves into some surprising facts. "If my memory is correct, I think we have the smallest town in the world which is called 'Hum.' I think it has only around 30 inhabitants and it is in Istra," he says.


History buffs might be surprised to learn about Croatia's role in parachuting innovation. "Although the first drawing of a parachute was made by Leonardo da Vinci, it was just an imaginative idea without a strong strategy that could turn it into reality. It wasn't until Faust Vrančić (Croatian lawyer, philosopher, historian, lexicographer, inventor, hagiographer and theologian) jumped from a tower in Venice that the parachute was put to the test!" Mihael explains. Vrančić is credited as one of the first to create a blueprint for a functional parachute.


Another unique feature Croatia offers is the Sea Organ in Zadar, an architectural marvel mentioned by Mihael. "The Sea Organ (Croatian: Morske orgulje) is an architectural sound art object... which plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps," he describes.


Celebrating Croatia's Spirit


Statehood Day is a significant occasion for Croatians, it’s a time to commemorate their nation's journey and embrace its bright future.


We wish Nikola, Mihael all those celebrating a wonderful day!


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