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HSA published provisional figures of work-related fatalities in 2021 – the lowest on record.

38 people were killed in work-related incidents in 2021, which is the lowest number on record since the Authority was established in 1989.

The figure shows a 30% decline in the 54 fatalities recorded in 2020 and is lower than the average of 45 a year over the past five years.

The minister with responsibility for health and safety, Damien English T.D.Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail spoke of the dreadful impact

any workplace fatality has on the family and work colleagues left behind and offered his sympathy to those impacted by such a loss.

“At KTL, Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Awareness is a top priority throughout the group. We constantly invest time and knowledge into maintaining and improving awareness, particularly with the two key incident triggers from the work-related fatalities identified by the HSA in 2021 - working at height and machinery. With the anticipated growth in the construction sector over the coming years it is important that we prioritise health and safety in everyday work practices for all employees and contractors in KTL,” said Annmarie McPhillips Head of SHEQ Power, KTL Group.

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