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Accelerated growth for KTL’s transmission, acquisition, and design division

Since 2019, KTL has experienced accelerated growth within its transmission, acquisition, and design division with revenue growing by 300% in 2021/2022.

Headcount growth within the division increased by 80% over a five-year period and currently employs 40 staff amongst an overall KTL workforce of 467. The team’s growth has been underpinned by “strategic hires” said Sara Byrne, Project Director KTL.

“The highly-skilled team has extensive experience drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds including ex-operator, private practice, infrastructure providers, and local authority planning. They provide leading technical expertise and industry insight.”

Growth in this division is fuelled by “our clients increased demand for connectivity and capacity on the network”, said Sara, she mentioned it is also attributed to vendor swap-out programs, and the rollout of high speed, low latency 5G technologies.

This rise in demand for higher capacity and speed brings additional challenges for operators that require innovative solutions such as structural and electrical loading, optimisation, security, network performance and availability, and most importantly ICNIRP.

“KTL’s 25 years’ experience in the industry coupled with our highly skilled technical team enable us to evolve and adapt quickly to solve these challenges.”

Network service capabilities in the UK:

  • Tx Network Planning

  • Tx Capability Analysis

  • Tx Installation

  • VSAT Installation

  • Tx/RF Design

  • Structural Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Full Acquisition Services

  • New Builds, RAN Upgrades and Vendor Swap

“We continue to invest in digital and IT infrastructure to enable the implementation of lean, repeatable processes to maximise time and cost savings resulting in efficient and high-quality delivery for clients,” said Sara.

“KTL’s proven record over two decades, our ability to identify market gaps, develop services to suit the needs of our clients and to deliver on time - safely allows our clients to realise their goals and targets.”

The outlook for continued growth is strong with some exciting developments planned to enhance KTL’s future offering within Telecoms and the expanding area of Electrical Vehicles (EV market).

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