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KTL team to the rescue!!

On Thursday 15th of July , around 10.00pm in Derby, Anthony Burke, KTL Supervisor, was on site with the Rotarod crew in Derby, who were flushing out sections of the ducting on the Derby Rail scheme. At around 10:20pm they heard a loud bang. They found that 30 meters from where they were working a car had swerved off the road, hitting a property wall and had pinned a lady underneath the car.

The team went straight to the scene to assist and waited for emergency services to arrive. The lady was obviously distressed, so they stayed with her until assistance came.

The crew followed this up by visiting the family in person, bringing with them some flowers and a get-well card.

Well done Anthony and team. All at KTL wish Sumaira a speedy and full recovery.


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