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Well done to all involved!

We caught up with Lynda and Kristian to see why they joined the challenge and how they are finding it.

Lynda Somers, Junior Project Manager, KTL Group, said “I’m finding it good, although it was tough to get out on Sunday last, to get the 2km in 😊!

Honestly, getting out every day only kind of started when working from home began. It was nice to take a break every day and get out away from the laptop. It also makes such a big difference to get out when it’s still bright outside, which sometimes was hard to do when working in an office.”

Lynda shared a couple of photos that show her start-point and end-point in Milltown, Westmeath, Ireland. It’s a walk consisting of lots of hills, which are a challenge no matter how often they are done!

Kristian Kelly, KTL Group said, “The reason I joined this challenge is to get moving every day, and rather than it being a short burst, the longer 60-day challenge could change habits forever – hopefully.

It also comes at the right time, especially after Christmas and all of the binging! I spend most of my time working at home in the warm, only usually getting to the gym or the odd game of football a couple of times a week.

It will hopefully help increase my fitness but also give me a bit of time to think when I go out for a walk.”

Kristian’s photos from Birmingham, UK were taken while out walking in the early morning in the dark before even the birds were awake!


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