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KTL have completed the last 5G site for EE in Norwich

The full site upgrade included new steel work, new antennas, new RRU’s, new fibre and feeder run, new BTS, power works and site integration. The site was issued a priority one status due to it being the last site in the portfolio in the Norwich area to get full 5G coverage.

KTL managed the project from instruction through build and integration of the site. Strong team work from all involved was needed on this difficult site due to bad weather conditions and limited design information from the start.

“Massive well done to the KTL team for getting the Norwich priority one site over the line – KTL worked hard to keep it to plan despite the challenges. We really needed this site to hit the towns and cities target! Thanks again”, Eddie Korzeniewski, Network Delivery, EE

Well done to all the KTL team involved which included Kevin Leahy (DM), Mihai Florescu, Muica Adrian Florin, Andrew Rose-McGuckin, Steven Frisbee, Thomas McDonald, VYTAUTAS PETKEVICIUS, Martynas Petkevicius, Domas Galbuogis, Antanas Strioga, Modestas Kavaliauskas, Mindaugas Stankevicius. Well done also to Attridge Scaffolding for dealing with a difficult and changing job.


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