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MBNL Tower and Antenna Build Achievements

KTL are continuing to build on a very successful working relationship with MBNL on the Tower & Antenna (T&A) project.

MBNL is a network sharing joint venture, jointly owned by EE and Three, two of the UK’s leading and most innovative mobile operators who serve tens of millions of customers.

Since KTL’s partnership with MBNL started in 2019, there are two outstanding and winning attributes to our strong, collaborative relationship. The first is the quality of our work for MBNL and secondly our ability to adapt to ever-changing, often challenging project environments. KTL’s proven ability to carry out a project’s setup and execution end-to-end; from the top level all the way down to the last screw has been noted as a particular highlight on MBNL projects thus far.

The T&A Build project itself includes the build of new street works, large scale upgrades of greenfield sites and rooftop sites, which are located across the UK. This work involves the replacement of old network infrastructure with new, more reliable network infrastructure to future proof the network, aligned to their 10-year plan. This will lead to the improvement of network coverage and quality by using new, better technologies including 5G.

As the principal contractor on the T&A project, KTL will play an important role in supporting and guaranteeing the success of this MBNL project. A strong collaborative partnership, regular communication and updates are important for both parties on the success of this project.

Adnan Hanif, KTL had this to say about the MBNL T&A project, “This is a principal project for KTL involving a team of over 100 highly trained individuals. The teams’ role is to maximise support and enable smooth operations for all field crews, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction, RFT culture, quality and delivery at the highest health and safety standards.”

Charlie Etherington, Director of Deployment at MBNL had some very positive feedback for KTL, “Thank you for what is a fantastic and encouraging example of hard work and collaborative focus. It is great to see the results of all the hard work and attention to detail your teams are putting in across PACS quality and RHOP submission. There has been a great focus by KTL on getting it right first time. Getting the desired results takes time and effort which makes such an outcome even more satisfying. Please pass on my thanks to the entire team”.

Highlights about the KTL, MBNL project to date:

· Over 70% of sites reported as Right First Time / Almost-Right First Time in 2021

· Over 80% delivery success rate in 2021

· Significant delta improvement on financial efficiency

· Well appraised by the client in terms of quality & delivery

· 186 sites delivered so far

· 8000 - Warehouse Operations (Deliveries, pick and packs, split kit, collections, returns)

· 130 video audits to improve quality

· 274 - Safety Observations reported

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