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KTL’s 60 Days Exercise Challenge 2022

Following on from the 2021 KTL steps challenge, which was a great success with impressive results and inspiring participation from across the business. This year we are excited to announce a - 60 Days Exercise Challenge running from the 17th January to the 17th March 2022 and we are inviting all staff to participate and join us!

What is the challenge?

Get out the door for some fresh air - walk, jog, slog (slow jog), bike or run a minimum of 2km each day or 20 minutes for 60 days. It makes everyone feel good. It’s a good opportunity to disconnect from the news and social media as well. An important part of this challenge is consistency; forming a new habit by doing some form of exercise every day will have long-term positive benefits.

How do I join?

Simply submit your name to Claire Scally to participate. She will assign you a number, which will be yours for the challenge and will be used to enter the prize draw.

What are the prizes?

There are five prizes of €100/£100 cash vouchers up for grabs. Participation in the full 60 Days challenge is required to enter the prize draw. Please see the small print below for more details. The cash vouchers can be used to go on a hotel break, have afternoon tea with a friend, go on a trip to the Zoo with the family, or even towards new fitness gear!

How do I track my exercise?

You can track your distance, duration in several ways, including:

  • A pedometer

  • A wearable fitness tracker (such as a Fitbit/Apple Watch)

  • Also, by downloading an app such as Map My Walk.

Get as much exercise as you can!

  • Lunch hour - use your lunch hour to get in a power-walk or use the time to walk/jog to complete your errands.

  • Walk the dog – a walk can make a dog and their owner/family very happy – schedule this into your daily exercise plan morning, afternoon or evening.

  • Get fit with family and friends - when a family member or friend suggests getting together propose a walk-and-talk catch-up or a game of tennis or golf.

The small print

  • A minimum of 2km per day or 20 minutes per day. This goal must be completed every day for the 60 days; consistency is key.

  • Each person participating in this challenge must submit proof of their weekly activity showing individual days (screenshot of the app, photo of Fitbit watch/Pedometer, etc.). It will need to be submitted to Claire Scally by noon on Mondays each week (strict cut-off on time).

  • This 60 Days challenge is open to direct staff members and contractors.

  • All participants who complete this exercise challenge for the full 60 days will be entered into the prize draw to win one of five €100/£100 cash vouchers.

Join today!

Email Claire Scally by Friday 14th January to participate.

Remember making a few simple changes to your life to do more exercise and you’ll be in better shape in weeks – no equipment, no changing rooms, no fancy clothing required.


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