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KTL Values Award – People

We would like to extend our congratulations to David Hickey for winning the KTL Values Award for People.

David's dedication to supporting his team during World Mental Health Day earned him the KTL Values Award for People. He said, "It's a privilege to be recognised, no matter how small, it's a testament to the collective spirit of KTL."

For World Mental Health Day, David went the extra mile, ensuring his teams took breaks and engaged in meaningful conversations over coffee. This proactive approach aimed to prioritise positive mental health and contribute to reducing the stigma associated with mental well-being. Team members provided feedback, stating that it was the best project they had ever worked on—a testament to David's commitment to supporting his team.

David made several trips to Haiti over the years to contribute to the restoration of infrastructure in the aftermath of a humanitarian crisis, partnering with Charity Haven. Also, in his early days with KTL working in Central America, he witnessed poverty and mental health challenges firsthand. These experiences were a turning point that made him realise the impact we can all have on people, “The smallest gestures of kindness and support can create profound changes, especially with bringing positivity to someone’s mental health," reflects David.

David Bromley-Walsh, “Congratulations to David Hickey on receiving the KTL People Value Award. David’s exemplary commitment to supporting his team during World Mental Health Day in 2023 was commendable. Thank you to David for embracing KTL’s values and leading by example."


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