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KTL speaks to Vilius about celebrating Lithuania’s National Day

(LtoR) – Robertas, Vilius, Gintaras

On Lithuania’s National Day, we spoke to Vilius – a telecom lead engineer for KTL – about his role at KTL and what Lithuania’s National Day means to him.

Alongside his colleagues, Robertas and Gintaras, Vilius is currently working on the installation of mobile network equipment on base stations around Ireland.

“Telecom engineering is a very dynamic industry. I enjoy travelling around the country and seeing new places, it keeps things interesting.”

Lithuania’s State Restoration Day falls on the 16th of February each year. “It is a very significant day for every Lithuanian who knows and respects the history of the country. February 16th of 1918 and 1949 were crucial to our present and future.”

The national holiday is dedicated to the Lithuanian Independence Act, which was signed in 1918 and proclaims the restoration of an independent State of Lithuania.

“Usually on this day I go to the old town of our capital Vilnius and watch the military marches and concerts. This year I am in Ireland, so I will probably watch some documentaries on our Independence Day.

3 fascinating facts about Lithuania:-; 1. Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages in the world

2. Lithuania is one of the global leaders in fibre-optic communications

3. Poland and Lithuania were joined as one country in the middle ages

For more info on recent events and how KTL promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace, visit our website’s news section here.


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