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KTL’s boosts ESB Telecom's network by expertly deploying upgraded and new infrastructure

KTL played a central role in overseeing the Project Site Coordination and Supervision (PSCS) for two ESB Telecoms projects recently. The first project involved upgrading equipment in Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny, while the second project was an install of a brand-new greenfield site in Garlow Cross, Co. Meath. The objective of ESB Telecoms for both projects was to improve telecom infrastructure for network operators serving the surrounding communities and businesses.

Declan Maddy, KTL Project Director, said, “I'm delighted to report that KTL successfully delivered both projects on schedule, within the allocated budget, and we achieved this without any issues."

Ballyragget 38kV, Co. Kilkenny

KTL was contracted by ESB Telecoms to install a new 20m steel multi-operator monopole to replace the existing 20m wooden pole on their site at Ballyragget 38kV substation, Co. Kilkenny. Jason McGrath, KTL Project Manager, said, “This project involved the installation of a new concrete foundation within the compound and the erection of a new 20m Monopole. The monopole had to be erected from the adjacent farmland utilising a tracked crane due to the proximity of overhead live conductors. The Monopole had to be offset within the foundation to maintain the required distance from the 110kv O/H Line.”

Garlow Cross, Co. Meath

KTL was contracted by ESB Telecoms to build a new greenfield site to enhance coverage along the M3 motorway and surrounding area for all operators. Jason McGrath, KTL Project Manager, said, “This involved installing an access track with a 10m x 8m fenced compound, installation of a monopole foundation, erection of a 22m steel multi operator monopole, installation of an ESB Networks minipillar-VC2 chamber and associated ducting. A tracked crane was utilised to erect the monopole due to an overhead line at the front aspect of the site and because of the ground conditions being so wet from a recent storm.”

Delcan Maddy, KTL Project Director, said, “KTL has been a partner with ESB Telecoms for over two decades, and we are delighted to be continuing this trusted partnership with the successful delivery of Ballyragget and Garlow Cross, which are part of an ongoing infrastructure upgrade programme. As the demand for data volume grows, operators needs are changing, and older infrastructure is less likely to keep pace with the latest technologies. Therefore, revamping and building new infrastructure provides opportunities for ESB Telecoms to future proof their network while keeping up with changing market conditions.”

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