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KTL recaps on Connected Britain 2023

Connected Britain is the UK’s premier connectivity event bringing together leaders driving Britain's digital economy.[1] Connected Britain 2023, which included 5,415 attendees, 1,500 organisations and 350 exhibitors among both the public and private sectors, offered a comprehensive insight into the digital infrastructure landscape in the UK.

This event, which was held at the London ExCeL, was sponsored by numerous high profile organisations including Salesforce, Lloyds Bank and Red Hat. This event was organised by Total Telecom to enable the industry players to keep up to date on the rapidly changing investment landscape in the sector.[2]

A ‘Connected Britain’ is a place where every business and every individual has access to the best connectivity. Keeping people and businesses connected has never been more significant in a post-COVID world, with keynote speakers at the event discussing the regulatory and strategic investment context for the rollout of next-generation communications infrastructure in the UK.[3] Britain’s connectivity market remains as competitive as ever, with rapid advancements in technological innovation and investment in communications infrastructure at an unprecedented high.[4]

Hundreds gathered for an evening of live music and networking at the Connected Britain Afterparty. There was a record number of entries for the Connected Britain Awards, which were formally presented at the afterparty. This reflects the ever-growing and dynamic nature of the digital economy in the UK. Notable winners included Vodafone, who received both the Industrial Innovation Award for the success of its 5G network slicing and the B2B Service Provider of the Year for their free SME training courses and V-Hub, their business connected programme.[5]

Paul Korzeniewski, UK Business Development Director commented, “Connected Britain was a huge success this year with a whopping 62.5% increase on 2022. The wealth of industry knowledge, services, and products under one roof was mesmerising. This in turn led to a productive two days for the KTL stand, which attracting a continuous flow of interested parties.

The event provided great opportunities to learn from the panel discussions and presentations on the latest industry trends in smart infrastructure and in-building solutions. These discussions further reaffirmed our commitment to the KTL strategy on the acceleration of digital transformation across the UK and Ireland.

It was also great to catchup with clients, friends, and colleagues from across the industry and share insights as well as forge new relationships with potential new clients and partners.

A very successful event, see you in Connected Britain 2024.”

Allen Blighe, KTL Technical Lead added, “We had a great two days meeting the connectivity industry, getting a sense of where its future lies. We learned about the challenges facing local councils in providing services to the resident population, while meeting the needs of commercial and tourist traffic. This meant challenges to adapt local services dynamically through network connectivity/ IOT, and the provision of data services to support the local population and support commerce and tourism.”

Barry Geoghegan, KTL Senior Acquisition Consultant expanded, “It was nice to hear about the positive things that greater connectivity does for society in areas such as healthcare and inclusivity.”

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