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KTL Prepares for Works Across 500 UK Sites

KTL is delighted to share news of upcoming projects to be undertaken for Vodafone Fibre Services.

The works will take place at approximately 500 sites throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

KTL will take on the role of designer and principal contractor for the works which will consist of project management, site survey, fibre prove, rod and rope, low level design preparation, and build and handover.

“The only way to achieve an efficient delivery on such large numbers is effective communication. The recent approach of Vodafone to engage with partners in a collaborative manner is a breath of fresh air. The only way we can overcome the hurdles are together. Ultimately, we both have the same objectives to deliver sites safely and profitably for both parties. With the recent introduction of FLOW, Vodafone’s workflow management tool – control of this mountain of data and information FLOW is starting to produce fruit. We look forward to the future together” said Brendan McCauley, General Manager at KTL.

KTL is thrilled to be playing a part in the reinforcement and stability of Vodafone’s networks, building new networks which will give increased communication access to end users. The leading telecoms company is keen to embrace the challenge involved in coordinating design, communications with local and highways authorities, materials, and multiple site crews with high security access requirements.

The works will be conducted by a crew incorporating a 12-person project management team, up to 10 surveyors, 10 fibre test, prove, splice and R&R crews along with eight civils and cabling crews.

As ever, KTL is committed to embracing the latest innovative technologies. This intention applies to Vodafone’s workflow management system; FLOW; which improves information flow and ensures improved safety, quality, production and profitability.

For more news regarding KTL works and activities click here.

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