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KTL joins Three for Arranmore revival

KTL is proud to have worked with mobile operator Three in a project on Arranmore Island, helping to rejuvenate the community by improving connectivity there.

KTL recently completed the installation and commission of a 100MB uncontested wireless connection on behalf of Three Business for the island’s digital hub.

Arranmore Island, which is home to 469 people, is separated from the Donegal mainland by a 5km stretch of Atlantic Ocean. It is the county’s largest island, and with a declining population, its future is under threat.

The Three Business team listened to islanders, audited the infrastructure and took huge steps to link Arranmore to the mainland through a dedicated point-to-point wireless leased line. This connection is dedicated to Arranmore alone and gives residents a level of connectivity that matches any on the mainland and beyond.

“KTL provided a broad end-to-end scope of works to support the Three Business team, covering design, deployment and post-deployment optimisation for this wireless connection. We’re proud to have played a role in this remarkable project and been part of creating a bright and optimistic future for Arranmore,” COO Peter Dwyer says.

Three says the new connection is “the electrification of the 21st century”, and it, along with an extra layer of 4G coverage to support peak demand, will have far-reaching results for Arranmore going forward.

“This will fuel tourism, education, healthcare and a new digital hub that makes remote working from Arranmore a reality for businesses,” Three says.

“And that’s just the beginning. Together with the people of the island, we’re making Arranmore a place to be, to return to and to succeed. This initiative is keeping local businesses competitive and making life better for people on Arranmore.”

To watch the video on the journey to connect Arranmore, click here or find out more by visiting


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