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KTL fills gaps as data centre growth soars

KTL’s support within data centres is rapidly expanding amid a meteoric rise in global data centre


The volume of investment in international data centres more than doubled year-on-year in 2021,

soaring up to $US59.5 billion, according to research from multi-national law firm DLA Piper, and

companies are increasingly looking to fill resource gaps.

KTL’s involvement in client-owned data centres has expanded hugely over the last decade as it has

engaged with customers and vendors at design and survey stage, and completed full project

delivery, from logistics through to full installation, commissioning, and testing.

More recently, KTL has begun working on larger scale cloud-based storage networks, including full

data hall installations and fit-outs to meet the requirements of its fast-growing customers.

“We are currently working on multiple projects nationwide within a lot of the main data centres, and we have an in-depth knowledge of their sites, their unique processes and procedures,” KTL Senior Project Manager Jason Carroll says.

“Most of these projects tend to be fast-paced and have strict service requirements and deadlines.

KTL is known across the industry for its flexibility and ability to move quickly, which I would say is a huge benefit when working within these locations – we adapt fast to meet clients’ specific needs, and that’s the great feedback we always get.”

KTL’s recent work with a multinational technology giant illustrated that level of commitment well, with the company’s work and the end result being praised highly.

“The KTL team completed a data centre project installing 162 devices, 90 fusion racks and about

3500 cables. KTL disposed of all rubbish and left the centre in impeccable order. I am always happy to work with the KTL team, they are flexible and work out-of-hours over the weekends to quickly deliver for us,” a spokesperson for the client said.

Declan Maddy, KTL Project Director, Ireland Telecoms, says being head-quartered in Ireland is a huge advantage for KTL as its work in data centres continues to expand.

“Ireland’s position between Europe and the US, plus its membership in the European Union makes it perfectly positioned to expand as a world-class data centre hub,” he said.

“Leveraging our geographic location on the Atlantic will soon provide an opportunity for renewable

energy sources to drive this growth, providing valuable employment and state revenues. KTL plans

to use its environmental, power and technical expertise in the data centre area to meet the growing demand.”

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