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KTL donates £20,000 to Naomi House & Jacksplace UK,

“funding a dedicated nurse for 909 hours, 121 days”

KTL have a long history of giving back generously to good causes to make a positive and lasting impact. This year, KTL employees were asked to nominate a charity close to their hearts. Sinead Larkin, KTL HR Manager said, they were “blown away” by number of charity nominations and stories received. It was a difficult decision but the two chosen charities this year are Naomi House & Jacksplace UK, and SoSad Ireland who have both been the beneficiaries of £20,000/€20,000 respectively.

Naomi House and Jacksplace (NHJ) supports children and young adults who have life limiting conditions. They provide skilled experts in hospice and holistic care including individualised nursing care, medical staff, family support and crucial emotional, spiritual, and developmental care to 550 children and young adults across Southeast England, UK.

Jacksplace is the only hospice for young adults in Southeast England offering care and support to young adults aged 16 and over giving them independence, they often yearn for. There is 24-hour nursing care alongside activities and social events, both at the hospice and further afield.

Sinead Larkin, KTL HR Manager said, “KTL are committed to supporting charities and giving back to the local community. With this in mind, we had a fund of €40,000k to donate and we asked our employees to suggest a charity that meant something to them and would really benefit from the donation. Thanks to Mark Eeles for nominating Naomi House & Jacksplace UK, and Nicola Ennis for her nomination of SoSad Ireland.”

Ella Clayton, NHJ Corporate Fundraiser said, “We’re overjoyed with KTL’s generous donation of £20,000 – thank you. This boils down to funding a dedicated nurse for 909 hours - 121 days, which is exactly a third of the year for us - this is amazing. The operating costs for Naomi House & Jacksplace are in excess of £7,500,00 million annually. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including Christmas - we do not stop for our children and their families!”

Celebrating its’ silver anniversary recently, Naomi House offers much welcomed respite care for children and their families. There are 11 children’s bedrooms; each room is decorated based on a child’s unique interests for example with woodland animals, “which is certainly unique and special”, says Ella Clayton, NHJ Corporate Fundraiser. “These rooms enable a family to enjoy time, space, and activities together, to be a mum and dad for a while, not a carer. They don’t have to worry about the practicalities of everyday life such as cooking, this is all taken care of.”

“Naomi House & Jacksplace is uniquely positioned in that we can look after the most poorly of children with severe complex medical needs. We are very lucky to have access to the country’s few specialists in pediatric palliative care and we share support services and consultants with Southampton University Hospital.”

KTL have set up a GoFundMe page for ongoing donations to support Naomi House and Jacksplace, go to:

To find out more about Naomi House & Jacksplace go to:


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