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KTL completes NIE Ballylumford to Ballyvallagh 110kv line refurbishment

Installed to the highest network specifications

KTL have successfully completed the Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) Ballylumford to Ballyvallagh 110kv line refurbishment project over a busy eight-week period where pre-construction preparations started on the 2nd July 2021.

This project involved replacing the existing earth wire along the entire 17.5 km of the Ballylumford to Ballyvallagh 110kv double circuit line, which is part of NIE Networks’ Regulatory Period Investment Plan (RP6).

The delivery of this project was extremely challenging due to the nature of the outages permitted; the Ballylumford Ballyvallagh Double circuit 110kv line could only be completed over six consecutive weekends.

These outage constraints, led to one of the biggest challenges to manage – resourcing. The project required a resource pool of 40 odd skilled linesmen to be identified, to ensure supply of a 17 strong team each weekend to deliver the works on the 110kv double circuit lines, which had to be returned to service each weekend. For the resource allocation, we had to consider staff rotation, sick day cover, availability of key permit holders for HV/MV and ensuring annual leave cover was in place during the peak holiday season. All while making sure we were in compliance with the working time act to keep staff safe and well rested.

Tommy Heeney Project Director at KTL said, “From aiding in the delivery of this very demanding project, I have again realised that it is with the support of dedicated KTL back office staff, in line with having a solid committed build team implemented on the ground, that anything can be achieved. There were some very tough early morning rail, road and MV crossings to be borne, but due to a proper build team structure all was delivered right first time for this project”.

“There were no safety incidents on this project. All available outages were met and handed back on time to the client. Fibre testing on the line confirmed that the new installation was installed to the highest NIE specifications, which included a number of fibre splice joints at key locations on the line”.

Kris Dunn, 275kV Senior Authorised Person at NIE Networks said, “It was a busy few weeks for KTL finishing up on their 17km earth wire restring between Ballylumford Power Station and Ballyvallagh S/S. Completed over six consecutive weekends, well done Thomas Heeney and co”.

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