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KTL and Vodafone Fibre Services Partnership

KTL partners with Vodafone to provide optimized, innovative delivery of fibre services in the UK

Having previously approached Vodafone in 2018 to identify ways to achieve the optimised, innovative delivery of Fibre Services, and following a successful tendering process, KTL were awarded a place on the Vodafone Framework in the UK in 2020.

“The Vodafone, KTL partnership has been built over many years; it started out with work done on their cellular networks and over the years has been underpinned by the core values of trust, openness and honesty”, says Brendan McCauley, General Manager Utilities, KTL Group.

KTL provides design elements, civils, cabling, splicing and testing services for Vodafone’s fibre network nationwide.

This framework is significant to KTL – a leading contractor in the telecommunications + power sector due to the essential nature of fibre services to support the soaring demand on connectivity.

Whilst carrying out works for Vodafone, KTL has fully embraced Vodafone’s systems from being appointed the job, to planning, survey, build and handover, including safety and quality auditing.

“KTL prides itself on over-delivering; this project for Vodafone was no different. We produced meaningful reports that enabled Vodafone to monitor and closely review progress. By successfully delivering on project objectives, KTL provided an effective, innovative solution for Vodafone’s fibre services to continue to serve and grow its customer base”, says McCauley

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