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Interview with Bernard Downey, recently promoted to KTL General Manager

Tell us about your journey with KTL?

I’ve been proudly working with KTL for over 10 years and during this time I’ve enjoyed a consistent path of growth and development with the company.

In April 2013, I joined as a civil engineer/supervisor in the substations division of Power. I then moved to the Overhead Line (OHL) division in 2014 as a supervisor. In 2015, I became a project manager then senior project manager in 2017. In 2020, I was promoted to project director and most recently advanced to general manager.

What specific skills or qualities do you believe played a significant role in your promotion?

I’ve always strived to be an approachable person and value open communication and accessibility with a firm emphasis on attention to detail. My journey to this new role has been made up of a lot of hard work - actively delivering on major projects for blue chip power clients in Ireland and the UK and developing good client relations along the journey by endeavouring to find solutions to all of our client’s needs.

How has KTL supported your growth and development?

KTL have provided great mentoring and training opportunities. The company fosters a culture of continuous personal development. I’ve been fortunate to receive ample time and support to enhance my skills and knowledge.

As you transition into your new role, what are some of the key responsibilities and challenges in your new role?

In my new role, I am the primary point of contact for existing and new clients with the business. I engage with clients at decision maker and at senior leadership level, establishing strong connections and building relationships. I’m responsible for upholding effective and competent governance practices and ensuring safety standards are adhered too, to meet business KPI targets and drive growth.

What advice do you have for other employees who aspire to grow and advance within KTL?

My advice in summary:

  • Always strive to build on your continuous personal development (CPD).

  • Try to become an instrumental part of the team.

  • Be attentive and support the people around you.

  • Find solutions for project deliverables.

  • Build good relationships with clients.

  • Above all, ensure high standards of safety excellence.

  • Remember to embrace the journey and find joy in your work.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future, and how does this promotion align with those ambitions?

My goals are:

  • Continue to work to the best of my ability for KTL and the team.

  • Grow the KTL power division with new and existing clients across multiple frameworks.

  • Ensure everyone gets home safely each day.

  • Continue with my own CPD, which will help with my new role.

  • Do my best to lead, assist and mentor the people around me.

  • Care for my family along my journey.

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