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The World Meteorological Organisation defined summer as the three warmest months (June, July, and August) while the most sunlight appears in May, June, and July. Along with summer holidays come the excitement of going to the beaches, visiting the countryside, pursuing outdoor activities and more – which can also bring tragedy.

Drowning, farm and road accidents or wildfires and summer illness are a common occurrence during the season which should all make you rethink; are you really ready for summer?

The Government of Ireland has come out with an initiative to prepare everyone for the months through a “Be Summer Ready” booklet which provides information on summer issues to the public. Published by the Office of Emergency Planning, Department of Defence on behalf of the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning, it is advised for individuals, family, businesses and organisations to get familiar with the booklet.

From water, road, farm, school and workplace safety tips and activities as well as traveling, health, military, fire and disabilities guide on top of a long list of emergency phone lines, the booklet is downloadable in both English and Irish versions at

With a complete guide, let’s all be summer-ready from now on!

* image used from the be summer ready webpage.


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