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Dylan Healy, promoted to Person In Charge of Work (PICW)

Can you share a little about your journey with KTL?

I started working with KTL on a summer job in 2015. I began as a Warehouse Operative and helped where I could. I loved the fast-paced nature and the changing environment of the work. No two days were the same.

I returned for the next three summers. When I graduated school, I decided to pursue a full-time role with KTL. I worked on different projects alongside continuing to work in the warehouse including on a 3D design project.

What specific skills or qualities do you believe played a significant role in your promotion?

I believe I am a very sociable person and easy to get on with. The work we carry out is all team based and being able to work as a team is crucial to most projects. I think that gaining an understanding of fibre optic networks during my studies has given me an edge, which has helped in my progression.

How has KTL supported your growth and development?

KTL has always supported me throughout my career. I had the opportunity to study Telecommunications Engineering, which has helped me develop my skills.

As you transition into your new role, what are some of the key responsibilities?

Some of my new key responsibilities include organising site meetings and instructing crews on daily tasks while also ensuring the quality of work and timekeeping are kept to the highest standards.

What advice do you have for other employees who aspire to grow and advance within KTL?

Every day is a learning opportunity. Work hard and try to increase the quality of your work daily.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future, and how does this promotion align with those ambitions?

My goals are to further my career within KTL and to gain as much experience as possible. I believe this promotion aligns with these ambitions as it is a step in the right direction.

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