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Darragh Corcoran, promoted to KTL Resource Manager.

Tell us about your journey with KTL?

I joined KTL in 2020, initially as a warehouse operative. Before joining KTL, I had experience in the telecommunications industry, where I worked with different contractors in various positions, including warehouse supervisor, access coordinator, and junior project manager. This background provided me with valuable knowledge and understanding that has greatly benefited me in my current role at KTL.

What specific skills or qualities do you believe played a role in your promotion?

My experience in the telecommunications industry in various roles has stood to me and helped me in my roles with KTL.

I believe that no task is too big or too small, and that there's no job that is beneath or above me. This has consistently guided my approach to work.

I'm confident in my communication skills; I’ve always worked to build strong, collaborative relationships with internal teams and external stakeholders and suppliers. I firmly believe that by consistently giving my best and treating others with respect, I contribute to creating a productive work environment.

How has KTL supported your growth and development?

KTL has provided me with endless support. I am currently studying Sustainable Supply Chains, Digitalisation and Logistics in SETU. I’m enjoying broadening my knowledge and acquiring new skills.

KTL actively encourages and supports employees in taking on more demanding tasks and pursuing further education. They offer excellent guidance for those seeking to advance either within the company or within their current role.

As you transition into your new role, what are some of the key responsibilities and challenges in your new role?

My responsibilities include: -

  • Overseeing the allocation of resources to projects, ensuring the optimal utilisation of available talent, creating adequate and balanced team pairings for field crews, management of the telecoms programme and liaising with the field crews.

  • I will also be responsible for forecasting future resource requirements and working alongside HR in some onboarding and recruitment scenarios. I will collaborate with project management teams to understand project needs and align resource allocations.

What advice do you have for other employees who aspire to grow and advance within KTL?

My advice to other KTL employees is: -

  • If there are opportunities to take on new responsibilities – go for it! This highlights your willingness to do more and learn more while contributing to the company's growth.

  • Read and keeping learning, staying up to date with industry trends and changes. Seek out training programme’s that supports your role to add value.

  • Build strong working relationships with your team and don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

As the newly promoted resource manager here are my goals:

  • My main goal is to optimise team productivity and ensure that resources are utilised effectively.

  • Maintaining strong working relationships is my goal for resource management. I will work closely with project managers and department heads to understand their resource requirements and align them with the available resources.

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