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On day two of #CIFSafety21 ‘Mind Your Health’ – look out for one another for Construction Safety week, our focus is on where to turn to if you need help.

At KTL, we see Mental Health and Wellbeing as a critical component of the company’s safety culture.

KTL give all staff access to an Employee Assistance Programme and also access to the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity.

Health Assured, UK and Laya Healthcare, Ireland provide caring support to both you and your immediate family if you need it. They can help with stress and anxiety, debt, work-lifestyle addictions, relationships, and legal issues.

Health Assured, 0800 0280199 or visit

Laya Healthcare, 1800 911 909 or visit

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity provides emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing support to construction workers and their families. Lighthouse Club was formed to offer aid and assistance to ill or injured construction workers.


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