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Celebrating Our Differences: KTL Champions Cultural Diversity, Development, and Dialogue

To celebrate World Cultural Diversity, Development, and Dialogue Day on May 21, 2024, KTL is joining the global community in embracing diversity.

With over 600 staff in 22 countries across 5 continents worldwide, we cherish and appreciate the unique perspectives and backgrounds that each of our staff members brings to the table.

We gathered insights from our KTL team members, and here are their thoughts.


Natenapa, a Coordinator for KTL living in Ireland originally from Thailand, puts it beautifully: "Diversity is about having different kinds of people, races, genders, and backgrounds in the workplace and respecting and embracing differences." This sentiment is echoed by Preston, a Junior Delivery Manager at KTL, who highlights the benefits of a diverse team: "Living in a diverse city like London allows you to see people from all walks of life, and that experience is reflected in our KTL team, which makes it amazing to work here."

KTL's global reach extends to Dobele, Latvia, a town bathed in sunshine and famed for its vibrant lilac festivals. Every May, Dobele transforms into a fragrant paradise, boasting over 300 varieties of lilacs in bloom. This is the home of Andra Juste, who brings a touch of sunshine and a love for nature to our diverse team.


At KTL, inclusion is just as important as diversity. Kristiana, a Project Coordinator who immigrated to Ireland from Latvia over 20 years ago, adds: "Working for KTL, I feel a sense of inclusion, that I haven't experienced before.”

We strive to create a space where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to share their unique ideas. Virginia, a Project Manager originally from Brazil, describes an experience that exemplifies this: "I felt included when I was asked to talk about my culture at a company event. It made me feel like my heritage mattered."

Creativity and Innovation

A diverse and inclusive environment isn't just about feeling good, it's about achieving great things. Preston believes that "when people from different backgrounds work together, they bring unique ideas and perspectives. This sparks creativity and innovation within teams." Virginia agrees, adding, "Different backgrounds and experiences allow you to think outside the box and solve problems in creative ways."

Celebrating Our Differences, Building a Better Future

At KTL, we believe that by celebrating our differences, we can build a stronger, more innovative workplace. Natenapa concludes, "Diversity creates a good work environment and empowers people to create and express big ideas. It's what makes a company successful."   José Luis Lenzi reaffirms, “At KTL, my ideas and previous experience were embraced and fully integrated.”

On World Cultural Diversity, Development and Dialogue Day, we recommit ourselves to this ideal and invite you to join us on this journey.

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