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Aurelia Dragulean was a top performer throughout KTL’s Let’s Get Moving Steps Challenge.

The challenge which came to an end on February 7th clocked up some impressive results.

We recently spoke with Aurelia about her role at KTL and how she found the steps challenge.

What is your role at KTL?

I’m an Accounts Receivable Assistant at KTL, based in the Naas, Co. Kildare.

I maintain the invoicing system for UK Clients and generate invoices and statements. I’m also responsible for account reconciliation, ensuring the company receives payments and recording transactions accordingly.

How have you found the experience of working from home and the impact of COVID-19 on how you do your work?

I believe working from home is a challenge for all of us, including myself. This challenge helped me to develop my ability to work independently, and to move from one role to another during the day.

Why did you get involved in the steps challenge?

I am a competitive person, not only with others, but with myself also. So, when I first saw the email before Christmas about KTL’s steps challenge, I said that I want to take part!

Would you consider yourself an active person before doing the steps challenge?

Yes, but not from a sporting point of view.

Before this challenge, I didn’t monitor my steps around the house, only on walks.

But now I realise that taking care of my two kids during the day (as they’ve been home due to the current lockdown), counts anywhere from 2000 to 5000 steps. Tidying my house on Saturdays also takes me up to 15K steps.

What motivated you to get out and do your steps each day?

My biggest motivation is that this is “my time”!

No kids, no work, no stress, only me listening to a good playlist while doing my steps.

What was difficult about the steps challenge?

Without a doubt I have two things to list here:

1. Weather! I have to wait for my husband to get back and stay in with the kids in the evening so I can go out to breath and gather myself after a day of working from home and home schooling the kids. So, even if it’s raining or cold, I’m out for about one to two hours depending on how many steps I took during the day.

2) Getting the kids ready for a walk at lunch time or two-three times at the weekends.

What are the main benefits from doing the steps challenge?

You can learn to manage your time well and take some thinking time or listen to music or an audio book while walking alone.

You can also lose weight!

What would be your advice to others considering doing more exercise?

Start slow at first, then increase your daily goal, and you will see that you will make good progress.


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