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#Vodafone partners with #KTL to support the go-live of its first ‘self-powering’ mobile phone mast.

KTL’s role in this ground-breaking site for Vodafone involved:

  • Initial de-installation of Huawei BTS equipment, while construction work took place on-site.

  • Installation, commissioning, and integration of the BTS (Base Transceiver Station) equipment.

  • Moving the microwave transmission equipment installed on-site to a new location, enabling battery autonomy not previously offered - ensuring optimum resilience.

Dom Mackinnon Technical Manager, KTL Group said, “Work on this clean energy site involved supporting the build and ensuring it went live on the proposed date. Our highly skilled team, proven technical expertise and rapid response within such short notice enabled us to deliver this site competently and on time.”

Steve Foster Design Authority, Standards & Solutions said, “It was an absolute pleasure to have KTL help Vodafone with the active element of the Decommission, Recommission & Integration part of this project.”

“Then to enable our Microwave server to be moved later on to ensure continuous Network Availability and further power reductions.”

“This project has been quite a task for all involved, and having KTL be flexible around the changes that occurred during the build was greatly appreciated.

As a result, you [KTL] enabled this site to be back on-air whilst all the other Wind/Solar enablement works were continuing.

Obviously, a great response to reducing our overall outage. KTL is always trusted when needed.”


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