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#KTL boosts network capacity for #EE’s #5G customers at iconic #Glastonbury Festival 2022.

Glastonbury Festival is the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world and runs over five days, 22nd June – 26th June.

This year, it is being headlined by Billie Eilish, Sir Paul McCartney, and Kendrick Lemar and there are over 200,000 festivalgoers expected across the five days.

With the growing demand for social media, video live-streaming, and faster 5G connectivity, EE has said it expects data usage during the festival to exceed 200 terabytes.

This is double the amount of data used by festivalgoers in 2019.

Barry Neary Project Director KTL said, “KTL installed three E-Band 80 GHz high-capacity microwave links at the Central Stage, John Peel Stage, and the Pyramid Stage to support uninterrupted coverage for festivalgoers and boost network capacity for 5G customers.”

EE’s network delivery representative commented: “At Glastonbury, all three sites Central, John Peel, and Pyramid are all on-air and 5G has been activated.”

“Thanks for the work that you guys did on the E-Band side and the part you played in getting the Glastonbury sites over the line.”

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