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Matthew Lee, Post Deployment Manager at KTL shared with us his ‘why’ for getting involved in this challenge.

He said, “I kept putting off going to the gym or going for regular walks or jogs, which I was doing last year up until October. For the past month, it’s been ‘I’ll start on Monday’, and when Monday arrives,

I haven’t been able to get motivated. Prior to this, I was in the gym five times per week, so I just wanted to get back to some form of regular exercise.

My wife suggested that I set a target of a certain number of miles in a week or month and then the next morning I received the email about this challenge. So, it seemed it was meant to be!”

Matthew shared a couple of great photos while out walking with his wee boys - Jack and Busby.

Sinead Larkin, HR Manager at KTL, shared photos while out walking with her gorgeous dog Lola.

David Bromley-Walsh, Head of SHEQ, Telecoms, KTL Group is taking advantage of the #KTL60DaysExerciseChallenge to switch up his daily routine by walking

his son William to pre-school and replacing the car! David said, “My son love’s the walk and so do I.”

Enjoy the short video reel!


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