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Is your vehicle ready for winter?

KTL are promoting safe driving during the winter period.

Bad weather such as torrential rain, severe winds, fog, freezing fog, ice and snow can strike suddenly catching road users off guard. If using the roads in such conditions is unavoidable you should always be well prepared for your journey. Making sure your vehicle is ready for extreme weather conditions is the first step to being winter ready.

According to HSA Safe Driving Advice to prepare your car for winter you should:

• Service your vehicle so that it is safe for winter driving.

• Top up with anti-freeze and screen wash.

• Check for wear and tear on wiper blades and replace them as soon as they start to smear rather than clean windows.

• Keep tyre pressure at the manufacturer's recommended level and check you have at least 3 millimetres of tread depth.

• Make sure all vehicle lights are working and clean.

Plant Manager with KTL, Donal Gray added some excellent advice for staying safe on the roads this winter:

• Keep your fuel level topped up at all times.

• Complete your daily vehicle checks.

• Report any vehicle defects immediately.

• Be aware of adverse and unfamiliar road conditions i.e. Black Ice

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