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Balancing the power of AI Chat Bots, with the need for Privacy.

Disclaimer, this article was written by a human!

2023 started with a bang with the introduction of Chat GPT, with more than 100 million subscribing in January alone, it is considered the fastest growing consumer application in history.

Hot on the heels are several other AI Chat Bots which will provide endless benefits to consumers and businesses around the world.

Chat GPT is not connected to the internet, and has limited knowledge of events post 2021, however it continues to learn through its interactions with users and build on its knowledge.

Since Chat Bots are designed to provide a response to the input it receives based on the knowledge it has gained, there is a need to be privacy aware when leveraging such technology.

How can I use #AIChatBots without sacrificing my privacy?

  • Oversharing: Refrain from sharing or volunteering extra information beyond what is required, as a basic premise only share information that you would be comfortable with sharing publicly

  • Posting on Social Networks: Think about what you post on social networks, future AI Chat Bots will likely focus on collecting such information for further consumption

  • Revealing your identity: AI Chat Bots use a registration process which is based on your phone number or e-mail address which may provide a link in the future to the questions you ask.

  • Read the FAQ’s: The FAQ’s section or Privacy Policy of an AI Chat Bot may help to provide guidance on what personal data is collected and processed, including metadata collected from user’s computers

  • AI Chat Bot Breaches: The day will come when an AI Chat Bot is breached, consider return questions and where they are going. This plausible scenario was a real response from Chat GPT.

What to do if I overshare on an #AIChatBot?

  • Data Deletion: In the scenario where information was overshared, some AI Chat Bots like Chat GPT provide data deletion processes in support of legislative privacy ‘right to be forgotten’, for example GDPR

  • Redaction features: Some Chat Bots support redaction features that will identify common sensitive information types and remove accordingly

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